Lydia pull results let's see em!


I know lots of y’all gonna be pulling let’s see them results, here’s mine


OMFG POUR SALT ALL OVER THIS POST! You gotta be kidding me, RNG!


Weird to see a toon with both a leader skill and a specialist skill.


Congrats @Kodak_black just 1 big pull?


One big and 2 tens


She is a bad ass I won’t deny it


Sweet man. Also appreciate your honesty, although some here on the forums will say they aren’t pulling for her, you know for sure they really are on the hush hush


That specialists skill is op lol


Put her to good use.


And what makes it even better is I got blue Michonne right after from 3 year tokens hehehe


Then another Connor from 3 year tokens :roll_eyes:


Any ideas for team compositions Kodak?

I’m going to mess around with a timeout style team and a damage team. Maybe something like the below…


Hi Lord its Maisie from chattoo (naked moo)


Nice to see scab labour still alive and well


Tbh I don’t know what I’ma do with mine yet lol


What are you guys going to do with her weapon?
Keep HP and add huge ap when attack?
Maybe, replace HP with Defense and add huge ap?
Just curious




Keep 30% HP, add huge AP attack and hope for +40 HP


Yup exactly what I’m doing with my weapon


Interesting. WIll you go for Defense or HP mods then?