Lydia premier recruits


Anyone know when lydia will hit premier recruits?


Give it time. Mackenzie has shown up for the first time since she premiered probably 6-7 months ago. But seeing that a lot will pull for lydia I assume within the next month


According to faction onslaught, everybody in my league has at least two lol


Sure bring her back. There aren’t enough people who didn’t get her the first time.


She’s the next premier up, vk confirmed… good luck with even more of her out there


Releasing the current Morgan will drive sales for Lydia and Shield Jesus, so expect to see both in promos within the next 2 weeks. Scopley…you evil geniuses


There is a crazy amount of lydia out there. Not really a problem for me personally to kill those teams but I can imagine lots of people are struggling.

Erika wasnt making the bucks anymore. Erika 2.0 is here and we all gobble it up. Faction onslaught I saw so little erika teams compared to lydia it was crazy when we used to be drowning in her. Wonder who’s next…


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