Lydia,dante,dante,and hs jesus behind the carl tier 3 leads

This game are make me frustation sometomes…
And never stop giving me surprise. I will stop playing if they dont gave me decapitate…


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…but you have a decapitate


a shit one does not work well vs melee. Also no def down no buffer


There’s worse teams than those. This team is unable to revive if impaired. Imagine facing multiple Violets or Gabriels for example.


Yea i got him on the last season…and i boost him for helping me at war…

you won?

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Guaranteed replies.

While that is a particularly annoying team, you’re not exactly running a strong offense team to counter the heavy defense.

It’ll no doubt take you a while to beat that team.


You’re not using any kind of attack or defence debuff, that’ll hinder your chances of winning drastically seeing as your decap doesn’t benefit from the leader skill.

You only have 2 attack toons in your attack team. That’s probably not helping.


Maybe this is what people are thinking when they ask for more “f2p shields and revives,” like it’s going to help them beat premier shields and revives…

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Fixed it so they notice


Why are u raiding with dante?

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Violet has been making me RAGE as of late lol

Close to the team i use for killing lydias, i use kal, dante, alpha and viktor behind mirabelle, was using glenn instead of dante but the heals and revive is helping me a lot

Yes i won…look on the 2nd pict

Because he is tough enough as a tank n revive with this mods

Yes he is not covered by abe lead but he is only my legendary decap…so i use him for raiding n wars…its little bit help

I use team who dont need play quickest,cz i dont have enough toons to make perfect team,but,i use stun n taun for blocking ar

But what does he provide on atk other than a heal? Ik hes a a tank…tanks are meant for def in most cases lol.