Lvling AR in human shields?

Hey guys. After 2yrs break I got back into the game and obviously my bucket changed because I got following human shields within 2 weeks (first ones ever)
Magna red 5* ascendance
Jesus yellow 5asc
Lee 6
Andrea yellow 5* sclub (but already enough comics for 6* t2 at least)

Does it make sense to lvl AR? Last shields I know we’re yellow michonne 5* with AR1 and absolute defence which was quite unbeatable at her time (at least for me as a f2p)

Ty for any suggestions.

I guess the answer to that is… it depends. If you are using them on attack sure if that suits u, if you are using them on def maybe.

I’ve seen brutal jesus in the past that had huge ar when taking damage and keeping third slot and he pops off like crazy maiming everyone. There is also something to be said for abs def on him and standing there like a rock.

Imo, magnas benefit on attack is her attack boost skill.

When I used shields I would not upgrade their ar because I preferred them to just stand there.

And as others have pointed out 6* lee and magna require special sr only gear, so leveling them both will take forever

On defense usually no (some can be annoying with huge AP on damage, esp. Ajax but also potentially Jesus if you don’t want to craft Abs Def), but on attack it depends. I kept my blue Magna at AR1/AS1 and use her on both, but neither abilities is high value. Red Magna I levelled her AS and plan on leveling the rush as well, both would be good on attack (except the blue one is probably still better rn because more people are vulnerable to impair than stun). Lee, similar as for red Magna but he’s much worse in the red-heavy meta - probably SR only for now.

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Since you were able to get so many, it might be worth picking to use some for attack and some for defence. The ones you use for def you should never upgrade their AR or AS.
Both Lee and Magna are good enough to use on attack, only using their shield when needed to save another toon. If you use them like this, then it would be worth upgrading their AR and AS. But make sure you do your research in looking into your possible teams for attack and defence before you decide, because there’s no going back.

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Been wondering this as well. I have red magna and upgraded her AS all the way. Stopped at ar 3. Been thinking of running it up due to the impair being useful. I will use her on D and O.