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Idk if its been mentioned but, we’ve had a lvl ups upgrade that didn’t make alot happy. Yes your roster has been lighter because your trainers are in the general inventory. And you can convert toons into mediocre trainers. I guess those are the good things. But what about the AR objective? Not only can you not use duplicates for that objective anymore, but only applies to 5* or lower toons. Nothing for 6*, which is the toons alot of players are working on. Just a thought.

AR Objectives still work for 6*s just like before. (The objectives themselves haven’t changed. 6*s could only complete trait based AR objectives whereas 5*s were used for persona based AR objectives)

Lilliths to rank up ARs for 6*s, Meagans to rank up ARs for 5*s now.

Ok, true. I didn’t think about trait based objectives. But what about 6* personas/roles? Tank, supporter, damage and medic? I think they should have a spot in the AR objectives too.

The skill levelling system is flawed… Besides not granting XP and being obscured in another window, previously you could see all possible stages of the skills to decide where the sweetspot is.
Now you can view the maxed skills and the next level only… You can slide through all skill levels only if you have enough trainers and food to up the skill to the 2nd highest…

They should fix the interface and while at it, put the 1.5k XP gain back in, revamp the renown missions and most of all the renown gain itself - differentiate S-class from regular 6* and clearly show the ring upgrades to score 15k renown too! (S-class might score 20k even)

Personally I wouldn’t like this because I have to be selective about which 6*s I use my lilliths on. I don’t want my objectives to be stuck because I don’t want to waste lilliths on toons I’ll never use.

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I was planning on using mostly Meghans. its not like im every going to need them and I manage to pick up a few a week in various rewards.

Yes, but consider this:
New lvl up: pick up some meghans, maybe complete one or two AR renown missions per lvl up = 5k-10k renown and that’s it. You get zero XP, you don’t prime any other toons for future levelling as you focus on upgrading AR on nondescript toons, but level up mostly 6* only now
Original lvl up: use 1*/2* toons of the same persona on your non-maxed 5*, getting some small renown from the initial T1/T2 levelling, not wasting much food… landing 5-6 AR missions at the minimum. Those 5* then helped rack up actual renown later ar T3/T4…

This is way too complicated for me :rofl:

I ended up upgrading Slater and my second doc. I’ll probably use both so it was a good use of resources

Am levelling my Slater and 2nd Doc too (had first done with huge AP on def, so crafted the 2nd as huge AP in atk)…

But previously I racked up 1.75M solo milestones with 2* training (and some minor 1*) alone, saving trainers for faction level ups. I manage 1.4M milestones only with burning trainers now - the only good thing is, they are more available lately… But once they close the tap, it will be impossible to hit 3M :confused:

Agreed. I’d fill my roster with duplicates just for that purpose and wait for faction lvl ups to clear it. Plus the fact that upgrading your toons AR now doesn’t give points besides that…its a no brainner.

The biggest problem is now the out dated renown system as a whole. While 4* toons were still viable and 5*s were top the scoring system worked great. Your factions could pull together to clear objectives for massive points then.

Now those points are pittens compared to the amount you get from leveling one 6*. It’s a broken economy that’s been left to rot like so many other things. Fix this and maybe then a faction level up will mean a faction working together regardless of rank can actually win.

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