Lvl up toons are trash!

Douglas , Beta and Davie !!! Really , really
All you want is money ?
Well here is a thing , no one is going for your trainers offre anymore , at least for the next 3-4 weeks
Douglas is sh**** comparing to Rick ,
Davie ***"" you know …
Beta you already know 70% of players had him with the last event since you didn’t give enough tires

It’s really disapointement , unlesse you gave us something other than trash to use collection item for , like liliths and gears.


If you don’t like them, don’t participate in the events. Simple.


You act like everyone has Rick, the other 2 characters might go well with someone’s roster. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean nobody has uses for them.


Douglas is trash? Hardly. Just because rick might be better doesn’t mean he’s trash. You know they fit in on different teams right??


Some people have been hoping for a blue guardian that’s not behind a paywall.

(Edited for clarity, since some people seemed confused)


Funny, compared to the quality of characters in the former system, these are much better.

Weird how some people get so sh*tty just because something doesn’t suit them personally…


Most of them have Beta or Sophia for lack of tires? Ja!


Are they angry cause hes not a revive? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

There is holly she isn’t free to play but she is a blue guardian 2

Wrong thread for that.

Tbh idk how you didnt see this coming

Cough solange

And she is good for the P2P :joy: pretty sure LadyGeek is talking about a free guardian here, considering Douglas is one.


She said people were hoping for a blue guardian 2 which there already is on she never mentioned free to play

I am rather pleased with a blue guardian. Have one in the wings ready to go, so that was a nice surprise.

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I can use douglas for my team but yes I agree with you that davie is total garbage. I never see him on my raid logs ever, and I use mostly green on my def team. So nobody use him I think

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I’m pretty sure she knows there is one that is P2P, but I’ll let her tell it however she wants.

Dont levelup then, save your stash of 2*’s & when a levelup event comes that suits you, guess what! You will have a lot saved up & win a few levelups! Weird concept I know! I’m glad I have all the toons in this levelup event, means i can save up & come out huge next one!

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I’m just convinced some people will never be happy. People complaining about this level up collection with the best toon being at 8,000 defies all logic to me.

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I’m glad they are all mediocre… gives me a break. Save for the next few weeks to prep for the next set of characters to hit the museum.