Lvl up toon crates (why no odds)


Why are there no odds posted on the toon crates? We all know the odds will be trash, but I’d like to see it, and aren’t they required to have all the rng crates posted with odds?


If you saw 0.01% chance to get a toon would u waste so much to stay in top 100?


The only odds on crates I believe are the ones you buy from shop.


Thats exactlly why I want to see the odds, so peeps will stop wasting resources thinking they have a chance, I’m guessing the odds will be pretty close to the surprise crate odds… think that was a .5% chance


This. There is no direct purchase so doubt they have to.

But we can presume it’s circa 1% at the most based on numbers being received.

Either hit top 3 or get your 2m and stop


It’s probably the same as the odds on the surprise boxes in the shop


I believe they were shown early on with Ivanova? (I may be wrong) but it was very low. (1% or less?)

A couple hundred crates are given out each tournament which runs 3 times, so only a handful have actually gotten the characters per region. I honestly wouldnt roll your dice with the crates, just hit milestones and move on. If you are going to go for it, stock up and go all out of when something you need appears and grab Top 3 spot for the guaranteed character. :leveluptourney:


Actually some suprise boxes had 0% chance for a legendary character, you could see it for the first hour when they released its odds then they quickly changed it haha, I’m sure top100 is similiar, maybe not 0% but 0/1000 players get an ascendable in the last 10 lvl up rewards :confused:
Also if they released the odds and everyone stoped using their recources, where would the $$$$$ go to???


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