Lvl up rewards?

Why lvl up is going to give summer tokens when that thing is ending in 7 hours?



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#ScopelyLogic :wink:


Also why the hell they ALWAYS put pv mods as rewards??? People need atk mods

Yeah I’m super confused. Maybe a new wheel is set to start. Sucks for those the current one ends in hours, that’s 8am UK time. I imagine a lot of people are going to miss out on their final trash chihuahua pulls



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Thank you for contacting support. I can assure you, the event rewards are correct. No worries, you will receive your summer tokens at the end of the event. Keep on surviving.

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RIP me


18800 here

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Hopefully the plushies will carry over to another collection in the future. Apparently JB said this was the intention. I have more than enough for Romanov but since I have 3 already I’m going to risk it and hang on to them!


same (7chars)

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It makes me think surely there will be another wheel? An update or recognition would be nice

Hadn’t heard anything about this. I’m skeptical. In any case it sure would be nice to be able to see how many extra plushies you have after completing and claiming the Romanov collection. These don’t appear in your inventory or anywhere else to my knowledge. Pretty sure I’ve pulled at least 30,000 extras by now. If we aren’t going to be able to use them for anything else it sure would’ve been niece to convert them to…something, or for the wheel to only give 5* tokens after you’ve collected enough plushies otherwise we essentially have a 50% chance to get absolutely nothing with each pull after acquiring Romanov. :sob:

@GR.Scopely and @JB.Scopely can you give a response to this? Come on only 2 1/2 hours to go and still you give Summer Tokens as rewards? You are completely bonkers with this unless there is a new wheel.


So you can use the tokens next summer lol


maybe scopely will give to us some extra time or last chance to clame wast rewards i don’t remember how he called when he collect money from us :slight_smile:
P.S last deal

The summer token wheel was renewed. Same with the plushies Romanov museum collection.

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U can have two of them now

wow awesome one to put that defence debuff on enemy and other to actually decap him/her, who wouldn’t want two Romanovs in their attack team :joy: