Lvl up rewards need to be changes!

It’s been a while since scopely starts to gives toons as a lvl up rewards !
At first it was looking good until …

1- garbage toons that no one needs like Joshua and Aaron “except a few of them are average”

2- giving the same toon for three events in a raw 0.o , hoping to delay giving good toon as much as they can

3- chances for getting the toon from the boxes is latterly zero (you will get a toon only if a miracle happen or if you finish in top 3)

4- …

I can complete this list to 123 reasons why lvl up tournament aren’t great anymore but I will use my time to suggests solution rather than compiling , even though scop doesn’t give a f*****

1- better toon for rewards , maybe first and second and third rewards doesn’t have to be the same toon
2- instead of one toon in the box ,maybe 2 or three
3- show the exact chances of each individual inside boxes
4- update the two road map , gear hunt and rescue
Cause if we have lvl up 24/24 and 7/7 you should at least give players something for free , I known it sounds insane to as scopely something for free but the last update need an update
The road map rescue need to be as the name says , rescue should at least drop 300% survives from the amount of energy in world stages,
And the gear hunt should drop 15-20 1* gears at each stages , you know we don’t need 2* gears …


I am sorry but I kind of disagree…

First - Just because they are garage to you doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t need them. Hit the milestones you need and wait for something that is more appealing to you.

Second I like the fact they offer the same toon for a week at a time. Gives multiple people a guaranteed chance to obtain them.

Third I personally have pulled three toons from the chance boxes. Shane, Euge and Aaron. My Faction Mate pulled Aiko yesterday and he came in 32nd

That being said I also agree with some of your suggestions. :slight_smile: but just think the current way needs to be tweaked not complete overhauled.

Keep surviving


I’ve never gotten the toon, I’m almost positive it’s 99% tokens and .1 for the character which is why that one has no odds to display

Well save up and go for the toon you want. Jeremiah and Aiko are far from garbage. It’s one of the very few opportunities for f2p to get a decent toon so stfu. And don’t even say that f2p have no chances competing in solo level as all it takes is preparation and patience.


i like to come 4-10 because i like the 5* tokens from the crates, only thing i can be positive im gonna get cos i know i wont get the toon

Aim for 1-3 then and you can be positive you’ll get the toon.
I can’t believe that people are actually bitching about the reward structure that is better than in any other tourney. Not saying it’s ideal but could you guys bitch about other solo tourneys rewards i.e. raid or SR???


I got Aaron last week finished 15th I think 1st time I’ve gotten one. Since I didn’t have him I not complaining. Better than my pulls on 5 star wheel. All I can get there are dupes

I’ve been testing odds for fun on 18 regions, where i just scored few points to get into top1000 to get box with 1k 5* tokens/toon past over 2 months. Excluding my main region where i went for toon on top3 or had more chances at toon since i’m usually top100. So after around 360 pulls from 18 regions i got 7 toons past 2,5 months. Thats nearly 2% chance to get an ascendable toon from 1k tokens box for me.

They could just make rewards 6 star gear for tier 4 prizes. Would probably make lots of people happy and they would be making more money from people.

I agree with you , gears are more needed than some leftover garbage toons , but I didn’t won’t to say that cause I know some peoples will attack me if I said that …
But yeah , I think gears to t4 6* are very important , maybe not as prices for lvl up but for another tournament like raids "Who the f*** need 4 Benedict to finish first in a raid tournament "

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level up reward structure and milestones have been good imo. if you realy need a change the loot box odds showing would be nice, but everything else with level up has been fine,

dont know why they took out the 750k milestone, these recent events show that they can have more than the usual 6 reward steps - seem to remember kalishane saying that they couldnt do any more at one point?

No1 should get a different reward, a better toon, an old premier? something people want to contest. not just the toons that are now available in 5* tokens and elsewhere

And start giving out more t4 6* gear, we dont need the endless supply of beanies and radios at the higher milestones

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