Lvl up milestones 2,000,000

Just letting you know in my region NOBODY got the last milestones. Im sure that its the case in other region aswell. Strong indication the milestones are way too high scopely

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If t4 gear for 6☆ was more available 2mill would be no problem but basically only guy who hits 2mill is usually the guy in 1st sometimes 2nd if there fighting for it. It’s a useless Milestone considering 1 piece of gear is really no help especially for the trouble

This is the highest in my Region

Main and second

Wowza! That’s amazing :open_mouth:

One person on my server, which is 2 years old. This should show you that we do not need a 2 million point final level. To get the rewards for completion should never be that high when 99.9% of the people playing are not achieving it. this is one of those instances where if you continue to do so you can expect that people will stop even playing in solo level ups.
2 million points for an individual level up is absolutely absurd

Agreed, Bobs. There’s no sense in pushing for a 2 million point milestone for 1 piece of gear towards tier 4 unless you really want 1st place for Rosita etc. No one in my region (Cleburne) has gone for 2 mil this time, and currently 3 players have gotten the crank radio milestone…the guys in 4th and 5th might still get there in time for the radio too.

The rewards being offered for these high end milestones are not worth going for. Hopefully they get their act together soon.

Russian servers dont count for nothing sadly😏

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I’d do 1-2Mil for a 5*, but not for 1 piece of T4 gear. The problem isn’t about how high the milestone is for me, but rather the prize for that milestone.

I didn’t do it for the milestone but if 2mill milestone was something like gps I would

We had 2,820 players ranked in the list. I’m around 1,310 ish with 40k points.
2 guys made 2 million. 16 guys 1 million (hose 2 top places included).