Lvl up milestone glitch


I started the tourney with this even though I had no points

60k points later it jumped to this

And no, before anyone says it, I have not got the rewards

Anyone dint get them?
Level Up Milestone Rewards

See above


just put fast 60k on level up before bed the milestones never showed up.

anyone else?


There was a bug that surfaced very late last night.

I will keep you updated on what’s going on regarding this!


So a bug pops up very late last night and instead of fixing you CONTINUE to have event??
Am I missing something here>?
Bug pops up with war where Scopely loses some money and war cancelled for months. And war constantly cancelled if “BUG” pops up because $copely wants you to have the BEST playing experience.
Meanwhile, huge amount of players UNFAIRLY disadvantaged because you do some scavenger camp YGL wipeout the NIGHT BEFORE the event with some FORCED update.
Maybe THAT had something to do with it.
Maybe…$copely should’ve just made the YGL scavenger mission available to EVERYONE and FIXED RIGHT the FIRST TIME

Just because you don’t like somebody’s CRITIQUE of game, doesn’t allow you to just CENSOR THEIR words.
I’m sorry, but a COMMUNITY is BASED on MANY different types of OPINIONS.
Regardless if you like my critique and question or not, nothing OFFENSIVE about it!!
Alot of people try censoring something they don’t like…in cases like this…THE TRUTH


what will we get when this fixed.


Seeing the same bug.

I mean is there a time when this game doesn’t have issues? Lmao…

Don’t say its normal because it’s not. Play many other games bug free…


Be careful what you say…we are playing a MATURE ADULT game but people are so sensitive at MULTI MILLION dollar companies alot of times they cant take critiques if they aren’t sugar coated.
I already got flagged for asking why game event was started when a bug was discovered before it started today.
FREEDOM OF SPEECH…Just be careful what you say!!


Huh. It doesn’t show our solo Points, it shows our Faction Points in the Milestones.


There is a milestone rewards bug, He indicates the points of the faction.
Please fix it.



Would’ve been better if it wasn’t just visual.

If only we could get those Milestones…


With the change to ygl I think it’s the only way possible to hit 2million (even then it isn’t likely)


We’re working on it!

Thank you!


Still, 2.000.000 Points? That’s utterly ridiculous. This isn’t a Level Up Event, it’s a massacre for us all.


It’s a visual bug but we’re working on getting a fix sent out!


Wow the prizes are crappy guys do y’all even listen to the players


I had a 60k mission I didn’t get the points for after I collected it. Havent heard back from support of course.


This may be just visual, but I’m just over 500k and haven’t received any rewards for milestones


Faction mate is having this same problem. Any updates?