Can you end this event early?

Honestly seemed like a decent idea, if you wanted these characters you could grab some high places and select what you wanted.

But alas, over extended boredom…

So if you have these toons or just don’t want them…
week upon week of the same crap with nothing to look forward to.

Honestly I’d rather have the weekly update to an outdated premier. Better than knowing that there could be something useful than the same shit needs shoveling 3x a week for another 2 weeks.


Agreed this event is far to long :-1:

Coulda added medals to milestones. Made it more interesting for the average player and kept it to a week or two. Win for everyone.

Alas no. Weather forecast is two more weeks of boredom.


Picked up Yvette. Only toon i didn’t have. Now guess I’m gunna be saving :unamused:

I get the raid cans and stop.

That’s all of 1x UGL.

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They lay things out so that those events that 80% of people going for something comes down to the wire. Ending early would not go well. (Understatement)

Agreed though, if you didn’t care about getting those toons, this month’s pointless

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Completely disagree. Surely the main point of a level up event is to level up your toons to improve your teams for raids and wars? Any events are a bonus and not everyone will have been placing top ten to have collected the toons they want already. Not a bad event at all and a couple of decent toons to aim for.

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You don’t have the ‘UnGodly Luck’ 500k xp scav mission?


Read post 3.

So how you going do that with out 6 star gear


I have six star gear - I use it sparingly rather than tier 4 every 6 star I get and I work hard in the leagues to get the rewards to buy it. I plan ahead so the shop has refreshed by the time I need the next lot.

Oh so love gearing single toon PER WEEK…

That may have made the event slightly better but realistically most people will be working towards the toons in the museum and won’t be there yet!

I’ve been struggling to get into the top 50 every level up. This is where I am at (I missed out on top 50 for 2 level ups due to unfavourable end times)

Think I need to score top 50 for another 3 more…

Why not put it in milestones? :confused:

If I am struggling for Jeremiah, I am wondering how the majority of the player base feels. I am assuming they are going for Yvette or Eric (I already have those 2)

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As I said boring.

1/12th of the year (8%) is dedicated to just this…

Terrible structure. All the players with these toons I guess just sit back and do minimal. So engaging.


I’m guessing your a millennial! Some of us have the patience to wait and save for what we want. I’ve been around long enough to remember getting one 5 star a month if you were lucky. Not everything worth having should be available immediately.

I think you realistically have to get top 10 multiple times or go ham for top 3. Which is the basic lvl structure we’ve had.

They just extended it to being over the course of a month. Snooze.

Guessing you don’t use shit 6 stars for points just like 5s back in the day… have 15 gps/canteens…

Thus making this hardly a f2p collection. Had a struggle to finish top 50 today. 2 million wasn’t enough, needed 2.1 mil

Well if you already have all three toons then you’re probably not a F2P or low P2P player in which case this event isn’t designed for you. It is designed to give a broader spectrum of the player base two or three decent toons to help mix up the teams everyone builds - something which will make things more interesting for everyone over the coming months. I think a slightly longer term view is needed here.