Lv 150 max? What how fix help

I cant go over lv150???

forceclose the game and restart and you can

Tnx… i did… and i was lv 150 max…and now it drop to 32% less… so i have to grind again??? And hope that it dosent drop again as i fill it up??

you aint at 151 and 32%

Nope 150… 32 % till 151… and i was on 150 max…

It does that lol u just got to 150 you have to level now to 151

Total bs… double grind for nothing…and it could happen again as i fill it up again

It’s not a double grind. It filled the bar to the max, as it was the max level and you couldn’t get any further. It went full in colour as soon as you hit the cap level.

Basically 150.0 was the max after update you had to start from 150.0 - 150.1- 150,2 etc

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