Lunar new year sale

£96 to gamble on 1 crate, god NO! This is what people hate taken to the max.

ROFL US$100 to get a bunch of random stuff and the chance to bust and end up with 1000 or 2018 coins or pulls for fancy-benedicts.


So … THIS is what it means to take 1 baby step forward (update on wheel) and 10 steps back (this insane offer).

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Good thing is the offer isn’t needed at all. The idea of giving the gear to max the character somewhat on sale is a nice touch. But flat out coin sales have always been the best and many miss the days when they were on sale during weekends available for purchase more than once. Many used to stock up multiple to use until the next, really don’t see the downside as people tended to overbuy more than they would’ve one by one.