🎊 Lunar New Year Premier Recruit Event! [Feedback Thread]


Please add all suggestions and feedback from the Lunar New Year Premier Recruit Event here!

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Agreed. Keep the three stars out. They literally don’t serve any purpose. They don’t even give good exp is used to level a character.

Along the lines of this, update the 30 day crate. Four stars are the old three stars. Get rid of the four stars from there


You know they should but they won’t. I really dont see the harm in removing them for good. So now every pull will be 39 4 stars and 1 fodder 5 star but at least people can use them for ascendance. We do have Siddiq, Gator, Carl and Joshua in there.


Missed opportunity in terms of the characters that where added. Put all the average ones in. Why not have Hershel, zeke, alpha etc?
On the whole thought, I really hope you keep the wheel like that


I’m still not buying :joy:


Makes sense to leave these toons in the whole time. I’ll be pulling this weekend to try for a shiva or a carl as honestly it’s so difficult to get these essential melee team components! Hoping for a decent coin sale.


Spent all my coins on the last Bruce stage trying to beat it. Cancelled the good coin bonus missions in favor for YGL during the Wood Nugget event. Now they rarely show up but now I get YGL on a daily basis. Even if it was just 3⭐s, I would still buy a pull or two. What more can I do to screw myself over?


This is a great change but please remove most of the f2p characters(dont mind a few) but this change should promote team diversity not keep it exactly the same as before.


My question is who are the 8 new ascendable epics guessing the remaining rise to powers but tose are Dante rick so who are the other 6 @kalishane :slight_smile:


This was great I, along with most in my faction had pretty good pulls. Definitely worth it




Yeah, the 10 4s I got was definitely better than the normal 9 3 and 1 4*…


Too bad aris sucks, but otherwise a good improvement to the wheel.


Ah damnit. I’m somewhat concerned by this event. Things like this are done for a reason, and my guess is that it will make the odds look a bit sweeter for when it becomes mandatory that they post them. The way things were done before, you either got the Premiere recruit or you got garbage… for the most part. Now they can claim that the odds of getting a “Premiere Recruit” is much higher.

Unless I’m missing something lol. Just seems very strange, the timing of all this. :confused:


there are gonna be a lot of people that pull out their credit cards and blow their money on it, and then after they do they are gonna come here and complain about the money they spent in the game because they didn’t get the character they wanted, or they got more 4* characters than they wanted. There are going to be a lot of people that spend on it and then complain, just wait, you will see.


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Omg no don’t talk to him… He’ll almost ruin this thread too.


I’m not so how this will work anyway.
Won’t you just get a load more 4s…
Or a chance of getting a dupe…instead of a new 5


And another lie.


hasn’t started yet