Luke Perry R.I.P

He was also in a TV Series called Oz in case anyone hasn’t seen it and he was brilliant.

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I totally forgot he was on Oz

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You know it was such a great series and he was a guest character for a season or so and it would be easy to forget he was in it because of so many good performances and so much going on, although I wouldn’t advise anyone under 18 to watch it!

Quickly what legacy looks most like him? Maybe we can get an ascendable to be released.

Out of respect of course.

Too soon… Too soon. My apologies.

Rip :cry:


That was my highschool crush

I watched 90210 faithfully back in the day…cause i am old :frowning:

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He’s also Archie’s dad in Riverdale


I’m going to miss those annual new madea movie

Do you take anything seriously? A great actor has just died one of my favourites and you reply with “weird flex…” you are one heartless person.

RIP Luke Perry my heart goes out to there family and friends I hope for the best for all of them on such a sad day. :pensive:


He put it on off topic… He is a rts player that is upset about someone passing away and wanted to talk about it with the community… No shame in that


If he had posted it in any column but off topic I’d agree with you … But off topic is off topic lol…I mean does Luke Perry have any relation to this forum… Nah… But removed does and removed is upset… I’ll console my rts amigo… Rip Luke Perry … Rip


Taking out of context why can you just actually care for once and be more serious as your big man attitude isn’t working for you pal

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Firstly his name is Luke Perry stop disrespecting the dead. So you are missing his name and he isn’t some guy he is an actor the facts are there for youand your still that stupid to not notice that.

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He was an actor then

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