Lugs and medals


I feel lugs and medals events are a waste of time. 8k for the lowest end toon but even consistantly being top 50 is nowhere near enough. Why not add some other collections for lower end players. Say gear or legend medals for 1k lugs etc


Or put them as milestones so everyone actually has a chance.


Actually, if you compare this model to their previous one (top 3 get the guaranteed toon) I would much prefer this.

However, they would need to keep doing what they seemingly just implemented. Giving these out as prizes for raids (and hopefully Sr tournaments)


My issue with the current model is that the medals/nuts are worthless if you can’t go hard enough for some top 10 finishes. As OP says, why not just add some turn ins for 1,000 items in exchange for gear? No need to change the system but just means that those who fall short of any character aren’t totally out of any form of reward


Part of the problem is the finish time for every single lvl up tournament favours players from Russia eastwards to Japan - you have little chance of winning a level up if you are not active in he last 20 minutes which all the level up tournaments happens to be during the daytime for the above regions. Europe and USA are getting shafted every time.


I don’t like this one bit. Earlier you would get the rng crate and worst case get 5* tokens. After 2 weeks of level ups you could at least get a couple of 5* which could be used as ascendance fodder. With the current model, you don’t get crap for 2 weeks of grinding.


Your on the same boat as me here


I absolutely hate these new events. Woke up this morning and looked at the rewards for level up and whatnot. Do this to get this to get this to do this. I have already accepted that I won’t benefit from the batteries, yet still going to get them as rewards. Now more lug nuts, which I am sure will be similarly useless to me.

At the end of these events I probably will be right where I was when they started.



So if Scopley put a 500 lug nut collection for a T3 gear box and 1,000 lug nut collection for a T4 gear box and maybe another for some medals or trainers it’d mean those lug nuts are not totally useless, but more use than 2,000 5★ tokens with the previous system


It’s been nice tbh. Didn’t need another Eric, missed my chance on the Bruce, and have two Marlon already so basically two months off from level ups apart from the 500k milestone.


Truth that some events have been better than others. I got Eric and like that rez. That was two events ago. This Frankenstein amalgamation of combining events is working for no one.

Let me keep my winnings until the next event. Roll over tokens so people can save up and choose when they cash in.


Adding them to raid prizes should allow people a much higher chance to get one of the options. Im looking at it like this. 5* tokens with huge chance at non ascendable. Or putting forth some extra effort in these 2 events and getting a guaranteed ascendable. Im sure one of you math people who like figuring out these things can see what placement is needed in events to get one of 3 toons. I do think milestones would be better but you would still have people who complain how they cant hit every milestone each event. I don’t think besides giving toons away for free there is a way to please every person. I believe they are at least trying to mix up prizes and events instead of seeing the same things month after month. Again a year or so ago they werent giving us even a chance at toons besides war. Idk doesnt seem bad with having more avenues to get the needed pieces


Well said. Would just like to see some more carryover. Maybe a make-over on the wheels to allow for saving new tokens. I got the 7day, free AR trainer. So is something for everyone, in a way


No the best and right solution is to let people save up over time and when they earn enough use them to get the toon. Just like how they do with leagues. Don’t like what’s on offer? Wait for the next season.

Problem with this current museum collection format (as well as the war stashes) is once it ends your lug nuts, etc. become worthless so that’s just wasted effort if you fall short.


Exactly, this use it or lose it style is counter to rts.


It also makes no sense because the people that spend will continue to spend and the people who don’t won’t for a .5% chance on a lug nut bag.

Pointless to run the events this way. In my opinion all it does is make some people say why bother and sit them out.


Idle hands are the appstores playthings


i hated both events so far nothing changed. I still don’t come in the top 50 and i get 1,250,000 every time for the batteries. I miss the old 5star coins at least it was something whether it was a new 5 or fodder. Hell i’d take a few bennys over the luggs


Actually everyone does have a point here. 1000 lugs for a benny would be great

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