Lucky tokens event


So is this event gonna be only p2p … If so… Thank you for the reminder it sucks being poor for 90 days lol


@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Ask again later


It is unattractive to p2p players too, it is rare to see someone do more than 3 big packs unless it’s op toon
But pulling a dupe ascendable could be a nice addition to massive pulls for Michelle, Not-the-one-you’ve-paid-earlier Michonne and other last and upcoming toons


Classic scopely. They take our idea to improve war rewards. Make a separate wheel with ascendables and six stars that we can gather tokens from war rewards… run with it and make it as an incentive to spend money lol.


LMFAO. Must be what the forum is used for now. As the Scopley event ideas department sucks :joy::joy:


The question is. Would you really spend if you had the chance? I’d rather eat alot and make my life better, not waste on a mobile game


Anyone who spends $500 bucks just to most likely get a f2p 5-star ascendable needs to get their head examined.

Crap non-event. Still waiting for combat mods to launch and destroy whats left of the player base. People think regions are dead now…


Meh I’ll use my V-Bucks!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah me too xD


Oh welcome to my life …4 large pulls it took to get alpha just to get a dupe rosita from the token. Getting closer to f2p with this blatent spit in the face. The fact it took 4 large to get alpha alone is insane but a dupe on the token, there should be something that does not allow something that cost 400 dollars to be giving dupes. You lost my future spending with this move scopely. Well played.


It’s 90 days long, perhaps they will be giving them out as war rewards?


I got a Rosita too…I did 4 10 pulls and paid 40$… And mind you I only buy refill packs and the 10$ 30 day pack


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