Lucky single pulls

I’m not sure if this is already a topic or not but might as well start off something.
Managed to get blue rebel Margaret from a single pull from premier today so that was nice.
Anyone else?

Randell neut from prestige tokens :sunglasses:

I don’t think non ascendable 5* count as luck :smiley:

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The Best out of 3 Pulls


If we are talking best single pull ever, mine was shield Magna on the second of two single pulls.

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Me too! Shield Magna on the 2nd of 2! Lol

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I got The Governor “A new Threat”(5* version) from a single pull. Also my first ever single pull from the first elite character token was Alert Kenny “Ties that Bind”. I thought everyone got a 5* from that first pull for the longest time.

Shieldchonne on her first appearance, single pull.

Pulled her yesterday on a single pull




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I got guardian zeke amd revive hershel with one pulls a long time ago.

Wow… Congrats…!! I did two big pulls and two 10 pulls before I gave up

Single pulls are the only way ive ever pulled a premier. Got shiva, hershel guardian and michonne shield.

Every time i do a ten pull though its 3 stars as far as the eye can see :frowning:

Ten pull, Erika, then single, another Erika :smiley:

I got sandy way back when she was first released 2 years ago on a single pull and my second was priya when she came back for double chances again on a single. In all my 10 pulls I have never pulled a 5*. Go figure :yum:

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Thanks. I don’t do pulls anymore at all and not even single pulls either, but I was looking at that garrett and I wanted him. Just did one pull just for the hell of it, and to my surprise, I can’t believe I got him already ascended. Really surprised the hell out of me

My best single pull

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Got a fair bit of luck with single pulls.

Hot Rick / Dual Pistol Sandy / Konrad / Ellen / Yellow Sandy / Blue Kenny / Double Axe Tyreese

That Garrett looks amazing. Hope you enjoy him.