Lucky free membership pull

I pulled a legendary martinez from free membership daily pull, a day after he came out. I also got michelle a couple days prior. Great asset on team especially with michelle. I also once pulled yellow melee legend yumiko from free pulls a couple months ago. Anyone else have the same luck with free pulls? Maybe not exactly martinez but wanted to know what kind of toons anyone has pulled in the past. Curious to know.


I pulled red Rosita 6* during the free trial week and then 4* ever since. Did pull a few 5* on my low ranked accounts.

I pulled a yellow Jesus shield… On a region I don’t use (not a member anymore)

I pulled Tobin on a sc pull


Sadly all on regions I don’t use


I pulled Dante right when I was deciding to cancel my SC membership. Lmao

This thread, brought to you by the Scopley advertising deparment.


Nothing but 4*s here.

picture or it didn’t happen

Jack shit here

I know people are going to call bologna but I pulled all these on survivor pulls…I canceled my subscription when i maxed out Andrea. I figured my luck couldn’t keep rolling, get out while I was ahead

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Only garbage pulled on my end. I’m changing my opinion of SC and going with it’s a decent idea but not worthwhile.

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I won’t call bologna Hank but I will call bullshit on that…


No need to disbelieve. I typically have pretty bad luck with pulls here and I also got a Martinez with a single free daily Survivor’s Club pull the day after he landed. Over the past three months in the club I have drawn two other ascendables-strong Negan and an already 6* Clementine.

Almost all pulls have been 4*, but I’ve had a couple non-ascendable 5*s during that time as well. That, along with the exclusive characters, makes the club seem worthwhile. 30 pulls a month (albeit one at a time) turns out to spending almost $100 if it was in coins, so not a horrible value.

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Sure, five is a bit high, but I’ve had five 5*s over that time frame, just only had three ascendable characters, so not quite as lucky as the previous poster.

Agree. Thread is pure madness :man_facepalming:t5:…

i don’t undwrstanfunderstand how its that unbelievable

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Im being serious why would i advertise for scopely, i must be one of the luckiest guys in game then. One of my members pulled an aiko


Nope, dead ass serious i really pulled martinez, how is that advertising


Nice, i pulled a yellow yumiko also, legendary. Maybe one five star i can’t remember. Just rest of 4 stars. My member in faction has pulled an aiko and ine an eric but other then that no real luck