Luck with training grounds

So, people have gotten lucky with single pulls and world maps, but how about training grounds? Best thing I’ve got so far was 4* Siddiq.

Keep it going. A 5* will pop out eventually. Gotten 4 from there.

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Is the governor still in the depot?


Yes he is. I got a second from there and used him as fodder before Gov was leaked :cry:

Most Toons that are in Supply Depot are available from TG. Check the wheel update post, I’m not sure if more were added tho!

No luck on single pulls. Training ground however got me 2x tys blue, 3 zeckes, 1 ty yellow, 1 glenn

In 2 years not a single one so far. Got the new 4* Darnell last week. But besides some 4* I got nothing to show off. And although I had 2 running simultaneously over many months.

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I’ve gotten drop lead zeke and blue ty from training grounds (in the same week too) but that was months ago.

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Also got a 4* Luke a long time ago. But besides this only 3*

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I’ve run legendary training ground constantly for well over a year and a couple of weeks ago I got my first 5* from it. Blue Eric…

Yeah, me too. I had 1 training ground running for about two years, got quite a few 4s, but not a single 5 yet.

I have got quite a few but not Rick Jail Glenn or Andrea and a few friend have got Andrea from there.

Got ascendable glenn from there once…

I got OG Andrea from the training grounds once. I heard you can get OG blue Dewight from there also.

I have four running for a over a year now

I got 5*red gov and yellow tyreese