Luck on 6* Characters


I’ve been playing for quite a while now, when I first started I got a ascendable Vincent. I have not received any 6* since then. I have put quite a few dollars in the game to get Wyatt when he was available through tokens, same with Maggie.
I’m not going to lie; I have done a 40 pull when a character was out in hopes of getting it. I knew my chances and was slightly disappointed when I didn’t receive 1 5*. I’m just confused as every week players in my region and even my own faction are showing their latest pulls and I have never received one. Starting from Sunday 4 players in my faction have received a 6*.
I am on my way to level 60 and prestige 10.
Is that weird? I feel like I am doing something wrong.


I am going to hide behind this tree.



You’re terrible at hiding. I can see your leg.


It’s the 2nd tree. First tree is where support is hiding on this question :slight_smile:


Ah! Then in that case your a really good hider.


But in all seriousness; is that normal? How do players lower than me how 4-5 ascendables and I’ve only ever gotten them through events. Scopely says its based on “luck” - but it seems like the same people have all the “luck”. This “luck” doesn’t seem to be dispersed fairly for all players (not just me). Sometimes it seems as if the game is really based on player favouritism.


The thing you are doing wrong is spending. Go buy an xbox.

And get Sea of Thieves.


Sorry not really a fan of xbox. Have a PS4 at home and I only bought it for the hubby. I’m not a huge gamer; just found this game fun.,

The sad thing is scopely wont take notice to this at all; they turn a blinds eye and its absolutely silly.


No the pull rate on a 6 star has got to be less than 1%. The thing is people lie. So they might say hey I did a single or just one 10 pull and got this toon. This could be the case but I bet most of them spend several hundreds and did multiple 40 pulls to get it.

There are a few great toons you can get without having to pay. The Gov was finally released. Ty and Glenn are in the depot. You can get Siddiq, Gator, Glenn, and Joshua from 4 star ascension. Gator can make an okay leader until you pull a Carl.


No names but a member in my faction who is already has 5 ascended characters in the last seven days also got Yuki, Shiva and carl.

In just 7 days.



I ascended a ton of 4* trying to get some that way. I ended up with 5 timothy’s (4 went to ascending Maggie). haha


Yeah, that’s the game in a nutshell. Expect disappointment and then be surprised when you get something good. I have tried 12 times for yellow clem by ascension just because I like Clem. Not even to use her and no joy. Look at it this way there were 5 pieces of fodder right there for Maggie.

I have 4 Carly’s. One more to go and I can make a super Carly squad. :wink:


For the same price as a 100 dollar “deal” you can find a fine dog in a pound which will reward you much more than a few tokens :slight_smile: Cash is for setup at home.



Sometimes I feel like I am honestly doing something wrong; and since I’m not a big gamer (as mentioned) I figured I’d consult the experts aka you guys.


I have a dog. Just turned 2. Pure Breed Alaskan Mallie


I already have 4 xD


May the odds be in your favor - some in my faction have it - many do not. You are not doing anything wrong.


And everybody is creating these legendary weapons and I just look at mine like well… here’s stuff

I am not a good weapon crafter. I wish I could have a little guide just tell me what too do.


Can I show you my people and tell me what you think?