Luck/fate- do they exist?

So, I was listening to somebody talk about this. They said that luck and fate do not exist, but that the winner of a battle, coin toss or gamble is decided before it even starts, and that it is not luck that plays a part in anything.
For example, somebody pulls the lever on a slot machine. If they pull it as hard as they can and land on the jackpot, is this due to luck? If they had pulled the lever a bit less, a bit more, or had attempted the game at an earlier/later time, would the outcome have been different and why would the outcome have been different, because of luck or because of a right-place-at-the-right-time kind of scenario?

  • Yes, I believe luck and fate exist
  • No, luck and fate do not exist

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Disclaimer- I am not talking about, or at least directly referencing the whole RTS pull system. If I had been, this wouldn’t be off topic. I’m talking about “luck” in general, and if it exists or if it’s all about one person winning a coin toss or game like that because of something they did deliberately that won them the game.
Sorry if this sounds confusing, I just want to see somebody else’s take on this whole thing.


Nah, there is no such thing as Luck or Fate. We are all standing here only because of the Blind Idiot God is machination. What we define as luck or fate is nothing but our minds trying to find purchase on what is defined as reality and why things happens.

Either that or maybe it doesn’t exist and we are all just trying to justify our inmesurable hunger for gambling.

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Nah, there is no such thing as Luck or Fate. We are all standing here only because of the Blind Idiot God is machination. What we define as luck or fate is nothing but our minds trying to find purchase on what is defined as reality and why things happens.

Unpopular opinion maybe?

… can’t reallyreply. Keeps hidding my words bro.

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They aren’t listed in the odds of pulling them so u have zero chance at getting them and really this should be reported to Apple and androids stores because it is in violation of there agreements


Luck is simply a human way of trying to rationalise random events. We need to believe we can alter the path of events via a form of control. I.e lucky numbers and such. The idea of having no control over our destiny freaks people out.


Yes, it is one of the two common themes of human society across the world and across the ages - even when these societies have risen and fallen in isolation there is almost always evidence of a belief in a higher power who has a direct control over destiny or events.

If anyone is interested, the other seemingly common aspect of human society is the ability to brew something grown locally into an alcoholic beverage and get shitfaced from it…


This game is rigged, but real life chance also sometimes sucks

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In life - yes.
in game - hell no

Of course luck exists in the game - it is directly applied, via algorithm, to the accounts which are most likely to be spenders…

But that’s not “luck”. Not as we perceive it. That’s a preprogrammed event that the recipient will rationalise as luck. If he’s wearing a particular shirt that day he/she might then decide that the shirt is indeed lucky. And therin starts the mythical perception of luck.

I have said before, in reference to this game, that the idea that some people are lucky and some are not is a farce. First, luck cannot be proven or dis proven to even exist. Furthermore, even if luck existed, the outcome of pulls and such are programmed by people and no algorithm could possibly encompass “luck”. Their is no way to create a truly random number generator, which would be needed to even approach a luck simulator.

This is not even considering the common idea that accounts are slanted to get better outcomes based on purchasing habits.

More in general, I do not believe in luck. If all the quantum fluctuation could be mapped at any given time, one could predict what would happen at any given moment, but as that would require a model the size of the known and possibly unknown universe, this seems improbable at best.

Furthermore, I do not believe in fate in the common sense. To think that the outcome of any event is predetermined ignores the quantum fluctuations that we now know exist and would once again require the known state of everything, as well as the possible outcomes of those interactions.

If one could simulate all known and unknown factors, you would be able to tell whether the coin will land heads or tails. But as any simulation of everything would then be contained within that everything, the act of creating the simulator would have to be taken into account within the simulation.

Therefor, I do not believe it is possible.

But how do you do that!? I need answers!

It depends how you approach luck and your perspective. Guy buy’s a lottery ticket and wins £10m and a 1 in a Million shot. He feels lucky that he won and not someone else. But it is retrospective, from the possible outcomes one occurred which he benefitted from and he feels lucky. Is he wrong to feel lucky?

Similarly, whilst scientifically speaking, luck doesn’t exist - the mental power of belief which can be given by a belief in luck does exist. For example, a sportsman considers he is wearing his lucky pants. The mental perception that he is luckier - and will perform better - will often give him the confidence to do better. No, his lucky pants has not affected the angle or speed at which a ball leaves his hand/foot/bat/racket but the confidence in believing he will be lucky might have.

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Agreed, his perception is a quantifiable factor in the outcome, but as you said, may or may not have anything to do with actual “luck”.

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Giving this further thought; would anything be gained by defining luck?

Imagine a world where nothing was left to chance. Where for the right price you could know what would happen tomorrow. In that world, the only thing that would matter is how far forward you could go: and by extension, how much you are willing to pay. In that world their would be winners and cattle. Very much like the world today.

I think we make our own luck. As Kanaima proposed, our belief effects the outcome. Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how much you believe, or ask, God says no.

If you were to ask me if I believe in fate or luck or some divine creator: I would have to say I believe in science and curiosity, which is an ability that was given to us by our creator. It is our obligation to use that to pursue knowledge, try to find meaning.

Reflecting back to my model analogy from previous post, I would like to add that if the model cannot know the why, then at least it might shine light on the how.

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If you do a 40 pull and get a pop up for museum collection being finished after the 1st pull but said toon doesn’t fall till pull 29 is not luck it’s predicted number coding (rng).
A slot machine doesn’t pay out because your lucky it pays when it’s taken enough profit.


Precisely. The people behind this “game” spend more time and resources figuring out how to separate you from your dollars than they do developing content. The minute a person forgets that, they are now the mark.

The only way I enjoy this game is knowing that everything I have accomplished, I did in spite of a huge machine trying to monetize me into the poor house. Fight the power!

Slightly off topic, but since this topic has by my own hand, drifted into the metaphysical, I guess all things are fair game: I have a huge issue with companies profiting from selling users data and info.

If I am walking on the street and someone films me, they are not allowed to use my likeness in a commercial or in any way profit from my likeness without express permission. Furthermore, if they make money off that piece of footage, that contains my likeness, I have legal recourse to receive financial compensation for said use. Yet companies whole business models are based on selling my digital likeness, purchasing habits, locations, and credit scores. None of this information would exist unless the individual created that data. All that information should be protected under personal property laws. Yet companies are making billions by using data that we, as individuals, created.

I am not a unit to be monetized.

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Luck and fate don’t exist. Someone may have hundreds of failures before he/she got “lucky” once. So with this thought fate doesn’t apply. If you try many times, eventually sometime you will succeed.
Now for the game specific i hadn’t any good luck for the past 1,5 year maybe…my last good pull was 5* green Heath /w +75 atc/def. And after that the latest event where i pulled 5* red kilter Davie.
In other some other regions i have more luck and i pulled very good chars more often…including Erica, yellow shield Jesus, Magna and alot of other semi good 5*s.

In this game absolutely