Lucille tokens to supply points


In the ingame message it says Lucille tokens left over will be converted to supply points but does not give an exchange rate. Does anyone know have many supply points for each left over token? Thank you.


History tells us it will likely be exchanged on a 1:1 ratio. I would be surprised if it were higher. Even if it was 5:1, it still won’t be a significant amount.


Just want to make sure last event gave me 180k supply points enough for three ascend toons from depot.


Uh, what event was that? Screwdriver event?


1:30 if I remembered correctly. It was very nice :slight_smile:


Legendary Gear tokens



So kind of shots a hole in 1:1 history




Oh well I didn’t have any tokens left over, so I wouldn’t know for that event. Prior to that, it had always been very low. I’m actually shocked it was that much.


Looks like 1:20


Loved it.:heartbeat: