Lucille Tokens flash map?


Still a day left to collect but I gues a flash map is out of the question…
So close, yet so far.


I hate when people can’t be bothered to check the forums to see if a thread already exists before posting something they think is new… like I just did !

I should have looked, because if I had looked I would have seen this thread:

My bad, I feel shame now


That is cool and all, but the fact that it has been a week since we could earn some, and very few were able to be earned to begin with during an event that was almost an entire month long is ridiculous.


Pretty sure it was longer then a month, I want to say it was like 42 days all together when it started.


42 days sounds about right, maximum length minimal pulls.


Yeah another disappointing token event. I’ll add it to the list :+1: