Lucille tokens could have been better if


The rewards were relevant to the name???

What if only different negans, 4*,5* negans, and all the variant lucille weapons were in the wheel? It sure would beat getting goggles.

Lucille tokens doesnt scream goggles.



Negan doesnt want dust in his eyes. Hence the goggles.

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Cudda been better if they were handed out more often during tournaments.

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… 99% of drop wasn’t 5star gear.

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Farmable roadmap

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At this rate with rewards like these on the wheel, it SHOULD be farmable.

The chances of getting an Epic from there are slim, but I still have managed to pull a Negan (Luckily, but don’t tell Scopely), which was the best up until now. The drop rate for Lucille Tokens would be acceptable if there were only epics there, but, you know…

Next objective is to get at least 2 other characters from the wheel, and then I’ll be satisfied.

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More epic gear dropped for tier 4. I’ve pulled 3 characters but need gear way more.