Lucille Token Pull Results! Post Them Here!


I got Carrie :blush:


I got close to Neeg. Too close. Canteer here.


2nd Negan. Not sure if I want to ascend another one.


My dear condolences. Would be better to acquire the normal Epic Strong Gleen, he’ll be ascendable soon enough.


1st pull - Military Watch.

Happy with this, as it will allow me to T3 Yumiko and still have another left over of Negan when he is ready. :):grinning:


Sigh… All I really wanted was a Romanov or that sweet Negan. Well, a few Whetstones will do the job.


The lesser chance of dupes applies to toons within a pull, not whether or not you have that toon in your roster already.


I got new 6* Legendary Alucard, so OP. Causes 700% bleed damage to all ememies adjacent, heals 70% HP, and causes confuse for 3 turns. Leader skill: All teammates get 65% boost to all stats. Glad I pulled him. :slight_smile::+1:


I signed up to this forum just to let the whole world know i pulled a police shield =/


I got Glenn. I tried him on the road and his gatherer skill actually works. It´s not much but everything helps :smile: Screenshot_1Screenshot_2


Tripod. :fearful:

Ten characters need to type. Ugh


How many try’s did it take? I’ve had him since he first came out and I feel like his drop rate progressively gets worse. been using him all day on the 0 energy rm and he has only dropped me 1* parts 2 times and I have been playing the game since 9am EST.


A glove… not happy lol


1st pull School Bag.


I got a canteen, lucky day


Schoolbag. At least I need schoolbags :frowning:


I pulled yellow negan.

I’ve been playing 2 years and have never had this kind of luck before…

it’s a shame I made up my mind that I’m quitting in a month so it feels like a vain attempt for me to stay…




Chances of getting duplicates has been reduced, nowhere is it stated that you wouldn’t get duplicates ever again.


Tripod :sob::sob::sob: