Lucille Token Pull Results! Post Them Here!


I got Carrie, I’d like to see what everyone else got!

Lucille token results

Nice pull! Hope she helps your roster :slight_smile:

But dont get Carried away :wink: :boom:


low key brag thread lol


Whatever…i got glenn


I got a School bag


A lot of people are pulling epics, I want to see if the first pull is a garuanteed epic for everyone or not


I got a walkie


1st pull. Military watch.


My thoughts exactly.


I got red Romanov. Pretty psyched about it


Belt holster😣


Military Watch


School bag :briefcase:


I got a Military Watch. Would have loved a Canteen or GPS more since I didn’t get a character, but at least I wasn’t as unlucky as some others that got the normal 5* upgrade gear.
Ah well, still at least 2 other pulls to go from the tokens from the roadmap, and I’m sure more tokens will be handed out as it is a 40+ day event.

Also good to see there were quite some people who did indeed get a 5*, so it seems the odds aren’t too rigged against them so far.


@kalishane, Honestly anything below the walkie and schoolbag should be taken out of this wheel. Nothing more disheartening than getting night vision goggles etc that can easily be gotten elsewhere.


I got Negan


I got 1 Sports Gauntlet


From what I posted from a previous thread about this

It seems that I am the lucky one to get shafted


I got a tripod!


I also got Glenn