Lucille token Event Summary


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So this event was a bit of a bust… went on for weeks but was just a pain in the ass more than anything, any feedback from Scopely about this event would be appreciated

1: Red plastic pieces… so what exactly happened here? For the first couple of weeks we get a 0 energy road map with these dropping at first I thought this was pretty cool, until you see the ridiculous drop rate. Then after 2-3 weeks of getting the 0 energy map it just disapears and the only way to get more was milestones but the amount were terrible… I know a lot of people put in a lot of work to get pulls from this but after I spent hours doing those 0 energy maps and I finish the event with just half of a pull I’m pretty pissed at the wasted time.

2: Token wheel. Remove the fuckin 4* gear… seriously no-one needs that shit in a token event where it takes so long to get a pull - and secondly where the f where the tokens ? The event lasted well over a month and we get about 6-7 pulls from the token wheel.

3.: Turkey & Corn. Another brilliant one I finished the roadmap only needing 100 more turkeys, then spent all my egy over next 2 days doing repeats to get those last turkeys… woke up on 3rd day and it’s all vanished and all I can now is trash those items for medals. Didn’t even bother with that as too pissed with not at least getting a pull.

4: Enough with the levelup milestones already… the last one for fac lvl up was a complete joke… people are asking for the bits to complete collections so you give them as ridiculously high milestones in a fac level up??? 2 million for 1 Benedict was the only decent prize but impossible for 99% of players especially after having 3 solo levels within the last week.

Please scopely stop taking the piss out of your players and listen for once - this event was just awful and your going to need to really improve things for all players if you don’t want more people quitting.


The Lucille tokens were the biggest disappointment in my opinion. I got nothing but 4* gear. I don’t even remember how many pulls I had, but I think it was around 5. Other than the 4* gear, it sucks that we couldn’t farm for them. I forget what roadmaps/events had them available but they should have made a way to get more of them throughout the entirety of the event.


Even though I’ve got a Negan and a Glenn from the pool, I must agree with you. There ARE players who deserve at least a Romanov or a Carrie for the effort done during the event, especially when the “Dedicated Player” logic is applied…


I got a Glenn from the pulls, but as many people have mentioned the drop rate and value of the crates is abysmal. I was hoping for rominov, but mainly got 4* gear. Seven pulls, lots of disappoinment. There should have been no 4* gear and tokens should have had a rare drop chance in raids.


People were actually using autoclickers to farm the 0 energy roadmaps. It was bullshit. The entire event was a failure. And they never fixed any of the problems. I still havent gotten 1 single weapon pull. And i farmed the crap out of it. So… Idk where i went wrong

  1. Sitting on 12500 since the maps stopped. Was not surprised. Basically, they had no way of stopping or catching users using the macros so punished everyone else instead and stopped the maps. I feel nothing.

  2. Sitting on 90. I feel nothing. Not even a little upset. Would have pulled a boot anyways.

  3. Got 1 turkey. Ended at 10,000 corn. Gave up and bought a turkey crate. Got 1 hand in. I feel nothing.

  4. Pushed hard for the first few level ups. Got Abe. Got Barker. Never got passed 1million since. I feel nothing.

More of this feeling nothing and I can see myself feeling nothing when I am looking at the app launch icon soon. Might feel something when I uninstall. Might. Meh.


Grinding lol. You had to do a roadmap once every 2+ weeks. There was no grind for those tokens, it was free stuff that took no effort to get


I got 2 more pulls besides the ones from the maps. I got Romanov (which was my #1 pick from this wheel), 2x Carrie, and the rest were farmable junk. For a 42 days event there should have been a lot more tokens as prizes and milestones.


The lucille tokens were the biggest joke, AWOL in pretty much 99% of the tournament rewards, if ur gunna run a token event these should be available through every single tournament while the event is running. Not just on 2x2 part roadmaps. Especially since 90% of whats in the wheel is utter garbage.


Same man. Nothing but 4* gear over here as well. I was really disappointed cos all my faction mates were pulling toons. I think there was an event or two where Lucille tokens were being offered as milestone rewards and then they just fell off the map. With all the rifle & dwight parts going around I think scopely straight up forgot to consider Lucille tokens as rewards as well.


Their anniversary was a bit lackluster.
Halloween event was p2w.
F&F was good for 1/10 pull.
And this lucille event gave me useless 4* gear.
If they screw up the upcoming xmas event I’ll be done lol


The “event” token pull was a joke. Extremely disappointed that these things were not rewards in every tourney.


My first 2 pulls were just gear too. The drop chance was … Awful. I ended up with 2 carries and 2 glenns. I dont need duplicates of each toon…


If i remember right i got 5* gear each time, no new toons for me

Scopley did seem to forget about them though, i’ve had 85 tokens there doing nothing for the past couple weeks and no opportunities to collect more


I woulda loved a bunch of duplicates tbh. They all look like Benedict to me and I’d take him over a police shield any day.


I was just making a point of asking if automation was cheating. Seems to me the best way to combat it on the 0 energy maps would be to limit the amount of redemptions in the museum. If you can only get 2 boxes for the whole event, and your auto farmer gets those on the first day (which is what one of the players in my region bragged he’d done) then you can’t do much the rest of the event besides gather shirts and survivors.


If scopely are going to offer 4 boxes and make them impossible to get, what do they expect? They screwed up on the drop rate big time, and made no effort to sort it out. I don’t use auto click, so got nothing. In this instance, though, i have no problem with people using their initiative. If there was a way of using it to exploit a tournament, I might think differently though


What was craziest about that event was when they stopped doing the roadmaps. They said they weren’t supposed to do them weekly, then said it was only supposed to be an hour per day. I can’t imagine anyone being able to farm 25k of those pieces based on 6 hours of farming.


I personally can’t believe they would do an hour a day, unless the player could unlock it for their hour, otherwise you would have people that never had access when they were awake and not at work.


Summary: FAIL. The event really stunk on all avenues. I had several pulls which were all garbage. Fac mates same story. Of all the people I know in game, I only saw one GPS. Lucille tokens weren’t that common outside the few free pulls you got from the roadmap. So you really didnt even have a good way of getting the tokens. If that’s the case, why make it such a long event?

The gun and Dwight were ok. Plenty of chances for people to acquire the necessary items. Decent freebies up for grabs.

The gun crate was the most ridiculous. 3 days of 24 hr farming - people were generally lucky if they got anywhere close to a 2nd pull. Otherwise the measly amount of parts offered as milestones, etc. didn’t even come close.

All in all, I observed lackluster overall response to the event based on input from multiple regions. (2 regions played + chat rooms). Sample size being hundreds of active/ former avid players. It ended up being another thing that’s slowly pushing people away from the game.