Lucille screw-up

So i made a mistake. I wanted to move to a region and see what i can do there out of curiosity. I clicked out in a rush on the rank 3 prestige reward, which included Lucille’s wire. 12 hours later i asked myself why can’t i upgrade prestige Negan on my main region, and then it struck me: i had claimed the rank 3 reward on the test region i made, thus the wire was given on that region. My question is: is there any possible way to transfer the item from the newer region back to my main region? And if that is not possible, is there any way to completely restart all of my progress to start off fresh ?

Message support, they will usually help with this sort of slip up.

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I am quite new to this. Could you kindly redirect me to them in private messages? If not possible, in this channel?

I DM’ed what to do, hope it’s helpful.

You would be better served depoting the Negan.

Who says you’re not helpful again? :disappointed::roll_eyes: