Lucille milestone territory battles

Out of curiosity, is there any faction who has achieved the milestones to win territory battles?

How many do you have?

  • No milestone yet
  • 4500 battles
  • 9000 battles
  • 16500 battles

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We’re on about 5,500.i just have fat thumbs and hit none instead. We’ll comfortably make 9,000 but nowhere near 16,500

Will make the 4500 but no chance at anymore
Can’t wait till this :poop: event is over.


Just I’ve the first one so far, hard work though with some faction members not lifting a finger :frowning:

I wonder what was the calculation behind this. There other milestones which are hard to get. This one seems to be beyond reach

They are just out of touch with the game. Those who decided on the totals probably don’t play.


I have to feel this is true, they cannot possibly be playing the game and settling crap like this

What should be done to set these mission requirements is a review of the average amount of raids, levels leveled up, territory battles, and such of the average to active player and then set the missions a bit higher. I understand you have to get people to grind for these events so it should be just above what normal average player actions are. That way active players should be able to do it with minimal to reasonable grinding and lower activity players don’t have milestones so far out of reach they don’t even bother.

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Even with not being able to hit some milestones it’s still a good event. Lots of trainers top go around

I have to agree I laid into Scopes about Piper not really being achievable, but those Supreme crates are just amazing (not opened any yet):hugs:

Ugh how do you have the restraint to hold back opening them

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With my luck there all bene,s so I’m waiting until I need them 900 bene,s is a lot of LU🤗

One of my faction members managed to get Piper. So jealous.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely can we get a comment on this?

Since no faction seems to be able to complete milestones will there be an adjustment?

Yes, my 750 Benny fantastic for my roster space :joy:

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My faction won’t make the territory top milestone, only 2.

Same with war, if we had additional war like TOC region we could have hit those.

We may miss top mystery bag too. Again additional war would have made it possible.

Ikr another reason why I won’t open them🤗

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if the war stuff up we should all get the final war mission, we have no chance of getting it cause of the stuff up @GR.Scopely

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Curious how TOC factions are doing vs non?

Either way, seems like that final milestone is impossible for both groups

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