Lucille compensation

Ok but where is it scopely?

Have you restarted your game? Had to do with mine.

I had my lucilles and got negan now scopely is my bai

yep 5 times lol

I doubt they will answer you here. Either wait longer or sent a ticket in.

Ugh i need it asap tbh so i can get piper, if not i probably wont get her, my math is bad

When I claimed them they didn’t add to the yellow event for Piper anyways. I was at 252 before collecting the 40.
Not that it would matter I’m going to be short anyways.

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Ok but i didnt even get them lol, it seems everyone else did wtf

Mine took a while to come through too. Give it an hour then submit a ticket.

same here! ;/

still get 2 a day so u will make it

Took a bit for mine to come. Yours will come.

In my opinion the 40 Lucilles are not enough. I had 7 cans + 3 free that they gave us and went 87 games for hordes.

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