Lucas yes or No?

Guys, recommendations do I get Lucas or spend my necklaces on gear?


For me I go for the 5 stars idc about the gear. Well I do but I feel like hes gonna be useful for something

Depende da equipe que vocΓͺ tem, eu sΓ³ peguei os equipamentos e nΓ£o quero o Lucas

Good plan, I have enough for Lucas and a bit of gear thanks


Thanks all :slight_smile:

I went for gear as the 6* make it easier to get points on level up so I can get lucas


Gear all the way. T4 every toon you use and then buy every single gps and canteen. After that save them up and near the end see what you still need gear wise. If after all that you still have 24k then take Lucas. The Governor is so much better than him and so is Lori.

That’s the smart thing to do. Every t4 6-star gets major points in a level up.

Personnaly i go all out gear but depends on what toons you got. Lucas is like a shitty gov…

it’s no brainer gears for me, I already got two 6* lucas from a huge pull for michonne when her promo came out. Didn’t get her though

Comparing Lucas to Governor or Lori is like comparing apples and oranges… for me, the main reason to get Lucas is his leader skill to get ARs popping faster… Whereas governor or Lori is about the neutralize or in governors case the fact that his AR hits like a tank.


Already tier 4’d like five 6*'s, still looks like I can nab Lucas too if the necklaces aren’t held at stranglepoint later.

Not really all 3 have impair in their rush but both the Gov and Lori’s are far superior to his. The gov lasts two turns and hits much harder and Lori’s gives a great buff. The Gov and Lori both have neutralize and Lucas does not. Lucas has a decent leader skill. That’s it.

Also without Mira your now hitting 40% weaker and you have to use red’s only. He’s not worth giving up all that gear for in my opinion. You’re giving up 15 police shields and 15 tripods for future ascendables like Andrea, Kenny, and the Wanderer. That’s not worth it in my opinion. I look forward to crushing him with Dwight, Ty, Siddiq, and Yumi once he comes out if anyone is crazy enough to use him on defense.

Hey to each his own. If you think he’s solid go for it. I’m gonna pass and load up on as much gear as possible so I can coast through all the bs rng based bags they love giving out. I doubt we will get an opportunity for gear like this for quite some time.

It comes down to your roster. Do you need a decent red 6star? Where would he fit on your teams? How many 6stars do you have? What tiers are they at? Your situation is likely different than mine so I’d need more info. For some Lucas would be a great addition but for others just a waste of resources.

My goal was to have at least 3 mostly offensive of each trait. I only had 2 reds at the start of the event - Mira and Gov. In my region there are a high percentage of Carl-led, mostly green defense teams. I sorely needed a 3rd red 6star for that attack team. Any of my 5star reds just weren’t lasting long. I had Lori but her stats hadn’t been leaked so I took a gamble on her arnd started racking up gear. It was the right choice for me. Had I not had Lori, I would have starting saving for Lucas as the Lori event hadn’t been mentioned yet.

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Thanks for all your reply I have red gov and not a on 6* as well as 2 blues 3 yellows and 1 green, what I really need is another green :frowning:

If you don’t have green Glenn you can get him from the depot or 4-star ascendance. Command toons are great to have. Only upcoming green is Knoxx and unless you already have him there is no way to get him. Love the legacy pics, guys. Some might as well have been premiere recruits. Carly from yellow ascendance will be available over the next 6 months or so as well. Good luck.

Same here went with lucas for those charl teams, and only because he has a decent lead skill which should help

Thanks guys:)

it doesn’t really matter who people put on defense, even Erick gets crushed and shes the β€œbest”.

Try a dante team one that’s actually decently set up there not easy
Bet ya there a lucky bastard out there who’s got dante koa and Magna in one team
I know you might laugh at Magna but on atk she’d be welcome because some defences seem to hit you like a medevil berserker with 2 claymores

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