Loyalty to faction is wavering

I have a dilemma. I grew up with my faction yet they frustrate the hell outta me. I am co leader and only have 18/30. Most are good people who are active yet there are a few who don’t participate. I have been asked to join a few top 5# factions but my loyalty lies with my clan. Arghhhh. I am not a big buyerbut I do buy regular coins, no toons purchased, so I don’t think I’d be a huge asset to a top ranking clan but I am level 105 , P10, S2++. I don’t know what to do

Change factions unless you truly see the faction being able to turn it around, recruit a full 30 and climb the leader boards.

Overall the placements rewards are steep, if you are truly active and being held back make the move, recommend your former members that are active for additional seats. It’s tough to swallow but most have been in a similar position. Players are either active or not. You can help an active player improve, you can’t force a non active player to be active.

Note you can always have a friendly region chat or your own chat group to stay connected.


You’re wisdom appreciated. I have 5 active quality players I wouls.love to take with me. I’ll take a spot in a decent clan who will take my top 5

Been there myself. Took me months to leave. But it was a good choice for me in the game. Still talk to my friends from my original faction.

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Sometimes you need to consider a “package offer” and take your closest friends with you. Find a competitive faction that will take 5 or so, and become critical to that faction.

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Just make sure those are all ready and able to step up to the new factions expectations. As you climb ranks these expectations increase. Some don’t recognize the difference in expectations then blame the factions for later shedding them.

If you are weak but active, they will give you time and let you continue to grow. They will expect a decent growth rate.

I have led both formally and informally throughout most of my game play. It’s always appreciated when players communicate their gaps and work to improve. But I’ve also had to say farewell to players that may have meant well but just couldn’t keep up. Truth is until you try, you won’t know. It’s all a growing experience for you and your team mates.


The only thing needed in any member of a faction is communication and participation. Don’t worry about being a big spender


Well good luck to you I didn’t quite catch that you were going to take people with you I would have to say that the faction you’re in now is soon to be done

Good luck in the move. It’s not the easiest, I was in a top 10 faction for a year, Colead and all, finally after much frustration of not enough active guys me and 9 guys jumped ship to a better faction. Now we are consistently top 5 and more often 3rd, other top 2 are spenders. So if want to be better, you gotta move up,it the nature of the beast. Good luck buddy

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Definitely make the move it will make you enjoy the game more when you are surrounded with others that want to actually be playing this game.


I think we have all been there, OP. Make the move and grow. Have fun!

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I’ve been there myself. Made the jump to a higher ranking faction a few weeks ago. It was tough ngl. My first faction was where I learned the ropes and I made a good few friends along the way. I don’t regret the move in hindsight, not at all. The players in this new faction are more on my level: they show the same level of commitment & dedication. The part I regret is not taking a couple of faction mates with me. So go ye, it’s a good decision and make sure you take your best guys with you. They’ll probably appreciate it too. Good luck!


Dammit preg you win


Been in a “top” faction isn’t prestigious, play where do you think it will be fun for you, with people who you consider worth to waste time with. I was in similar situation and instead of going to “top” I rejected it and went to lower faction with many snowflakes, it is much more fun then playing for top 3 spots. It isn’t worth it to waste time and cash, higher you are more you are pulled into it, which lead some of my ex mates to return cause simply it frustrates.


Follow your heart, Debs. The logical decision isn‘t necessarily the best. Happiness lays in our soul not our brain.

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Its not not a “clan” for Gods sake!! It is called a faction. Not fraction. No r…a FACTION. Stop calling is a clan. Cuz im not wearing any cape weilding magic.
Thank you.

I was in your shoes last year, trust me its for the best to leave. Maybe ask a top faction if they can take you and a couple of your other most active players. Best of luck.

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Top 5 factions are over rated they want you to be on They want you to be on the game almost 24/7

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Bonjour , moi aussi jai préférer quitter la 1ère faction où jetais quand j’ai commencé ce jeu, il ne s’y passait vraiment rien, aucun échanges, personne de motiver… du coup avec 1 joueuse de cette fac -fantôme nous avons décidé d’en partir afin de créer notre propre faction, dans le but d’être actifs. Je peux assurer que je ne regrette pas du tout avoir fait ce choix. Et ma co-chef non plus. Écoute ton instinct et lance toi.

From the sound of it your ready to make the jump, I was in a similar position in a top 5 faction and made the jump to 2nd ranked faction, made the game a lot better and I still talk to alot of the members from my previous faction. If I were you I’d do it