Lowest interest in war I've ever seen


4 regions and no one gives a crap about this war. I’m actually feeling very proud of my region and the other ones for not throwing money at scopley for this garbage they’re trying to feed us. It’s not worth my money to even consider buying one of your silly offers for war much less is it worth my time to even bother playing for some basic tokens and supply Depot points. Your milestones are trash and your rank rewards are ass. Thanks for giving me another weekend off. You’re helping me get over this game, thank you scopley


I’m eating pancakes with my gf’s family instead lol


You eat those pancakes and don’t think of all the scopely children who’ll go hungry without profits from war this weekend


Damn they just became “the most delicious pancakes in my entire life” when I realized this :joy_cat::joy_cat:




gc be like. Feels like a funeral


Yeah, I’m not even waring anymore right now, but will get to 50K. Don’t really care or have motivation to war or play anymore, soo boring. I might just end up using up all my cans though because no use of saving them if this is probably going to be my last war. I’m slowing down and going solo after this weekend. Yes, my faction friends are going to be sad, but I gotta do this for me. I don’t really want to play for another year. They had their chance to bring in new story missions, and fun content. Faction Assault is boring as crap, and the questions from it was useless because the only question they looked at was about ticket rebalancing. All the other questions won’t take effect until next Dec. Probably.


I make the milestones and call it a weekend. That’s what I’ve done for like the past 6 wars.


I usually get around 150k-200k points to be a good sport and contribute. After 100k I’ll call it quits for this weekend, already got 57k from 2 matches, just a few more and screw this crap.


Worst rewards ever for their pinnacle event, but somehow Scopely knows what we want, and how to control meta. LOL


Putting aside the fact that top 3 are getting horrible fodder characters, and everyone below them is not even getting a wheel pull. The least they could have done was adjust the ranks for how many regions we are fighting. for example my region is matched with 3 others so that’s 4 top factions and guaranteed 1 of them is not even placing top 3. they should have handed out more of the t4 6 star gear, and it should of been handed out to more then the top 3. Might have made a little more interest in this crummy weekend.


One of the main draws about war, CRWs especially, was seeing what interesting bouts of team building players could come up with. I’d actually enjoy getting blindsided by an unexpected combination of toons. But now? You know you’re going to face the same 2-3 teams whether facing a top, mid or bottom faction, and regardless what region you’re up against. Where’s the draw to compete? The rewards? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I actually exclaimed “what the fuck” when I came across a Vincent lead earlier, had to long press on the toon to remind myself what he did! Game’s in a sad state, for real.


Yep. Agreed. Usually CRW is amazing for us dead regions, and usually our faction is hovering between 5-6. This time? We’re sitting in 12th atm and couldn’t careless. We just haven’t tried.


Yup… when faction mates say they want to finish their daily missions instead of war.


It’s down all over. People aren’t queing as fast as normal wars.


Scopely doesn’t want f2p in the game anymore it’s obvious by thier tactics lately. Forcing ppl to participate in solo level ups if they want to get a weapon or toon. Then giving spenders another major advantage. Next will be the human shield that they can put thier 0 defence weapon on. Then game over.


My faction is almost dead overall they have the highest scores. we have all been playing Since the start and no one is really left in the region to recruit.Getting worse and worse each war.


anyone else having infinite loading? Been stuck like this for half an hour +


Thanks for weekend off :drooling_face::shushing_face:


The rewards are shite, and hackers are on the loose again.