Lower the level up milestones. 1.25mil for 1 duct tape and 1 polish kit is absurd. You would need 2 6* t1 lvl and bring them to t3 lvl 80 to hit 1.5mil. This isnt sustainable


I can only assume their aim is to drain everybody’s resources down to zero


Thankyou for the post. Next level up: 2mil points for 1/2 a duct tape


We’ve regularly had no one in our regiok bother hitting the milestones lol


But they had to raise the milestones since we’re getting better rewards. kalishane said so.



Even on Jeff Davis - a new region which isn’t even a week old - the milestones are the same as on regions that have been around 2+ years that are full of experienced players with plenty of gear & 5/6*s to level-up.
It goes beyond them just wanting to drain people dry.
They aren’t even thinking about it.
When you have had basically no time or events to accumulate anything to score with these sort of scores are particularly absurd.


I’m trying to hit that 150k milestone wth my 3stars in Jeff Davis


Yeah, seriously, lower the milestones. It is about time they are lowered. I am sure everyone has went through all the gear and everything else they have to level 5* and 6* and reaching those numbers in level up is almost impossible now.


Everyone’s been saying the same thing for months all over the forums & all they tell us is to get used to it.
Listen to your palyer base & lower the milestones back to where they were reachable by everyone.


The bonuses are also out of whack. 1k, 3k, 5k & 8k meant something when the top milestone was 250k but what point are they when top milestone has increased by 800%. @ kalishane why haven’t the bonuses kept pace?


Theres talks of lowering them, or doubling the level up points, from what Shane said.


Or make you choose your battles


I’ll believe it when I see it…


New players get the shaft now.


2 mil for anything is bs


My guess is they have some idea that “X percent of players should hit the top milestone” and using that have adjusted to the current levels.


In my Region zero (no one) has reached final milestone in last 4 level up events. Usually just 2 or 3 make the 1.25 million milestone.


But I’m not good at picking and choosing I want it all!!!


In this group you are not alone.