Low-Trophy PvP is very engaging

Hey, all! I haven’t played RTS in a while, but I was interested in the state of the game so I reinstalled it. And wow, a lotta things are different. Like low-tier PvP…
Sorry about the link, I don’t know how to make a YouTube video play on this site.



On the plus side, you found the secret hidden easter egg that is Glenn’s usefulness

And welcome back, lol

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Surely you jest. That turd is just as bad as the trauma kit doc.


When they introduced Sclass, they really really screwed it up. As a reset, it was very badly designed.

I started a little after 6* were introduced, and that one was fine - for the first few months, most people had no 6*, because you couldn’t get most of the stuff you needed (ascendance medals for example practically didn’t exist, save for the daily box). All the game progression as originally designed was still there (you replace your 2* with 3*, then 4* and so on, improving them and working on other stuff). By the time 6* started really appearing, if was often weak ones, and you had time to build up some useful 5* so it was possible to beat them until you managed to get yours. They also (at the time) mostly had relatively weak abilities, and stats much closer to the regular toons. It was still a huge advantage to have 6*, but not crazy unbalanced.

Even after 6* were around for a long time, you rarely could get one directly, and mostly it was tied to an event that new people probably couldn’t finish anyway (Michelle). If you started around that time and got Solange from the login event, you got a cool toon but still needed to put in a lot of work to make her clearly better than the 4* and 5* toons you and everybody else had. Everything was built on top of the natural progression in the game.

The S reset could have done the same if it really built on top of 6*. The gold bar and war toons really messed that up. If they’re strong like the first box, beginner teams are only about that toon and everything else you do and get for months is completely irrelevant, completely breaking early game progression. If they don’t deal a lot of damage, like Glenn, you end up at something like OP’s video - still only about that toon, because no other toons can even scratch them, only now you end out with two minutes where they hit each other and nothing happens. I’m glad I’m not starting the game now, and honestly could not recommend it to anyone anymore.

Releasing the gold bar and war toons this way was a horrible decision, quite possible one of the worst (if not the worst) decisions Scopely has ever made.


Lol that’s pretty funny.

I find Glenn pretty good and useful as long as you have other S class damage dealers to go with. Erin or Christa, James etc.

As a first toon he is highly probably going to create situations like that. Maybe not smart to make him the most accesible S class toon.

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You get the same nonsense with 6* dr s, particularly in early level survival roads. Vitality v vitality and no power to make a dent.

When I was mucking about on my old phone, it was identikit Ángels everywhere. It’s depressing. There’s a reason for pithy sayings like “variety is the spice of life”.


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