Low level generals

Is this cheating or is this now allowed?
And at what player level would it be ok


It is supposedly against rules, will it be enforced? No idea. What would penalty be? Who knows scopely is so good at communicating.

It’s getting more common among a lot of the Russian facs, some are using one low level generals to stay under the radar and sneak into WOC, although sometimes most of the accounts look suspicious as well.
Scopely doesn’t seem to be doing sht as they have let it continue for a while.
I hope one of these facs do sneak into WOC , vk their accounts to s1000 and fk the party up lol


This faction is currently ranked #6 in war
And we can’t get out of the 70’s due to constant top 25 matches.
If this is now how wars are going to work than it leaves us no choice but to do the same sadly


Love how it’s always been said rep and player lvl me nothing

Russian factions: Hold my mini gen


Have noticed a few other facs with low level players in them, not sure if they are for use in war or not.
But yeah it could have a domino effect, where as the facs who don’t use low level gens could end up facing top facs on a more regular basis and be tempted to follow suit.
the best feature of this game could be headed for a total sht show if it isn’t sorted.

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Scopely won’t address it, they will ignore it.

That’s the new thing, just ignore it until it dies!

Expect to see more of this.

If scopely won’t address this than it’s not a bug or cheat so be it, I’m sick of being matched with top 20’s useing this.
It must now be considered a feature


It’s not cheating. You can’t stop low level players playing.

We tried it in our fac with genuine new players and it didn’t make a blind bit of difference. Exactly the same opponents but we lost our 20% def bonus so we’re killed more quickly.

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I think the problem is - there isn’t a fix.

Remember that new regions also war so if you put a cap on grade for war, they can’t war.

There will always be some downsides with any sort of matchmaking like this. So my personal take is that nothing can be done specifically - it has to be game design.

I think it might be one of those issues where everyone can see it’s an issue when used like this (although I have a hard time seeing it as a critical issue. I get the u fairness statement but so much in this game is unfair so…:woman_shrugging:)

I’m not sure they are doing anything wrong when you look at it legally (and Scopely have to look at it legally first and then fair secondly). Having a low level general isn’t against TOS as new regions always have low level generals. The only easy fix is to revert back to not being able to pick general - do we want that?


maybe time to do the same? this has been happening for a long time but some factions took it to another level

New thing?) Lucky you. It exists since day one. Like tower ghosting. Its just part of the war.

The reason not every faction is using it is that’s because its not that easy. Or fun. You should have at least 3 guys ready to play 48 hours straight, each one with two devices. One for main acc, another for mini acc. And will constantly get weak opponents, like REALLY weak. Crush them on auto and move on. For 48 hours straight. Sounds like fun, right?

These guys are maniacs.

Yes there is. Simple one. People use minis, always have. It seems the current algorithm weights the highest team grade of the general more than the other highest team grades.

If the highest team grade of the general is significantly lower than the average team grade, use the highest team grade instead of the general’s for that additional weighting.


@Jojo20 I still think the general thing is less relevant, as long as they are in the war party they lower the average and change the matchmaking.

And the “new player” thing is simply unbelievable, and I have a hard time following you. I’ve played with newer players, and in general they want to have a stronger team, play and win. I’ve played with a lot of new and returning players, and none of them ever wanted to spend their weekend joining 30 wars without playing a single battle. None of them ever wanted to stay level 2 and keep the default grade C team forever. It’s not new players.

@JessicaRabbit Scopely can take action for whatever reason they want, I think - it’s in the ToS as far as I remember. And there’s a simple solution: stop matching the rank #4 faction with rank #100+ factions. If there was a significant risk that they would match a fair opponent, they would quicky stop doing it.

@jkz boo hoo, all those exploiters have it sooo hard. Pressing the join button on the second tablet once in a while, I’m in awe at the lengths they’re willing to go, And it’s probably more fun than playing 48 hours straight and getting stomped practically every time, which is what everyone else has to do, and you get better rewards.

I didn’t say my new players haven’t levelled up. I said when we put them in as a low level gen to see what happened, it didn’t change anything at all and made our position worse.

Easiest fix is rewrite the code but no money in it so we are stuck with terrible matchmaking.

Yeah, as long as they are in the party, I personally am not convinced that being general matters. But this is what the exploit is about - players that stay at Level 2 with only the default grade C team forever. And that’s not new players, who all want to get stronger teams and get the benefits from leveling. They want to play the game, not sit in war parties doing nothing.

How is this different from the S16 people to intentionally drop leagues to stomp platinum? See what happens next qualifier. Many will try to score as low as possible to get in P1 or D1… Isn’t this also an exploit?

We got a level 2 with 10k prestige and a shiny 6* raven and 6* blue negan. Not sure what the logic of that was all about…

But then mid level faction can’t recruit strong players who decide to take it easy because they will get to face much stronger teams