Low level, better pulls?

Is this the case? Because this ish is getting ridiculous.

scumply rng!
dude pulled jesus shield and revive rosita.
he made a total 2 pulls, go figure!

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This has always been the case. New accounts or lower level ones have higher odds of pulling a premiere and this is old news. Like years old.

While this has not been proven, feel free to create an entirely new account and do a 40-pull and see for yourself.

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whyre lying bruh?

when i started playing it took several months before i got a 5☆, never mind a shield or revive, now people start with a shield 6☆ or revive 6☆.

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Cant say i’ve had anything good from the free trial regardless of level, 4x 4* on the lvl 127 acc and 4x4* on my lvl 23 acc

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Care to share how many pulls you did in total? And how much you spent?

So far my observation has only been proven true.

Don’t need to label people lying for merely stating their opinions or observations unless you’re working for $copely :wink:

How come my luck has always been shit then?

When I was a new player my pulls were shit, when I was a mid lvl player my pulls were shit & when I reached a higher level my pulls remained barbarically shit.


Can we see your back-up? How many accounts are you basing this on?

Because, as someone who has consistently pulled nothing but crap through low to high level account, I think you’re talking sh*t. However, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt if you can back-up your assertions.

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I single pulled 6 star quick with level 8 I think that if your just starting or you take like a two week break it seems better. Maybe the login streak has to do with it if your log in is low better chance

Lol at all the responses getting worked up.

First of all, if you want screenshots of my own experiences of pulling back when I was new, we’re talking about 5* era where it means jackshit now so obviously those have all been deleted.

Also, what will screenshots prove? I could post a screenshot and some guy will still come running along screaming it’s someone else’s.

I’ve seen faction mates who start a new account and getting promos so easily while seasoned veterans can do multiple big pulls and still get crap.

It’s not my job to convince anyone. I’m merely stating what I’ve observed and if you wanna think I’m talking out of my ass, it’s your choice really :wink: I don’t owe you anything and neither do you owe me lmao


Cool story bru, thanks for stopping by

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Welcome to the rts community, the biggest butthurt gamers to ever play a game :joy: enjoy your stay and keep surviving

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Honestly, I don’t blame them. The amount of shit that we have to put up with this game has conditioned us to become the most jaded of skeptics.

It really amazes me how a game can even divide the player base so much - case in point Andreagate.

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Some accounts do seem to be marked for better odds but the only method I know for better odds is having one of the worst teams in your faction

Maybe for you but there is no solid proof there. In the 5 star era I never pulled a premier, in the last three months I have singled pulled four 6 stars :man_shrugging: I think RNG is random

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I always used to think that, after seeing several of my faction mates pulling all the top toons while I couldn’t land a premier if my life depended on it.

Then I found out how much money they spent acquiring that luck. I’ve known people do 6/7/8 big pulls for the most op of toons. To put that into perspective some of my old faction mates have poured more into this game for one character than I’ve handed to Scopely in over 3 years.

It astounds me tbh, but if they have the disposable cash to throw at a mobile game who am I to judge.

All 4* on my main, 3 5* on my alt. One of which was Shield Jesus. Go figure eh :sob:

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Sadly cash doesn’t always even get the toon multiple people have dropped over 1k for a promo to get nothing

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