Low HP Issue after Update?

Anyone noticed that toons are staying alive with a sliver of health?
It’s become quite common with me and I know others in my region have noticed it.

Is this a bug?

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  1. Click and hold on the enemy. See it still has health. The sliver you see its the representation of that low health.
  2. You now have to click apply in order to use your faction mate.
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Yes, been seeing that a lot. Maybe it’s just an improved display of toon’s health, but it does look like everyone has Tenacity!

Noticed it too. They generally have 1-50 left. It’s taking an extra turn to kill them.

We really need people to search the forums before creating threads. We’re drowning in dozens of redundant topics over here. Some of these are simple mistakes, but most are egregious. Perhaps if people stopped creating a hundred threads on the same topic, we might get somewhere with the issues we actually need fixed.


Yes toons that I used to kill round 1 are now staying alive with that sliver of health. It’s rather annoying and I am going to have to make a new attack team to adjust it seems.


And of course, generic obscure thread titles don’t help…

Little bit of discussion on the topic here:

i dont like having to click apply for fac supporter. i forget to apply more often than not now. my fingers muscle memory wont remember to apply when never had to before.