Low HP Bug when raiding and doing higher tier missions?

Anyone else having this issue where an enemy is left with a low amount of HP. From what I can see is that if you hit an enemy with their weakness they will die but if you don’t they usually retain that low amount of HP. Screenshot_20180320-113443|690x388


I just noticed this happening also as i was dueling some faction mates… Good ol scopely always messing with stuff that doesnt need to be messed with


Yes it’s very annoying and happens in every raid.


This update has been a complete and utter mess.


But but we can set an avatar now… Super important!!! Lmao


Happened to me a few times too. Annoying. But it is to be expected that we get some new exciting bugs after an update ^^

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It doesnt say 1hp anywhere you freaking liar.

Its a more accurate/precise bar than before, thats something totally different.

Did you open the fighter dossier to check if it has indeed 1HP?

We did change the HP bar to be more accurate with the remaining HP.

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For more clarification on this point, the bar at its minimum fill used to look more full than it does now. If a fighter is at 35 / 2000 HP its still at 35/2000 HP, but now it’s more accurate at 2 out of 100 pixels rather than filling 7 out of 100 pixels and looking like 140 HP

bar isnt actually 100 pixels, used nice round numbers for ease of explanation


Nice round numbers so us idiots can understand :slight_smile:


Nah I just didn’t want to whip out a calculator to figure out percents on 73 pixels or whatever the render space actually is when scaled into the combat scene.


I was kidding

My bad I forgot about that but it was still a low amount of hp. I have fixed the title

Yes. Happened to me against @Dreaddie

I had attack tower and the damage output of governor dropped to 40 dmg when Erika was dead to rights with a sliver.

The low damage suggest its not hp VS life bar mismatch but I’ll have to look closer next time

Its usually around 30-120 hp left. Total pain. Leaving guys I would normally one shot alive screws up raids a bit.

Yup. I’ve changed targets already then end of round get wrecked. Total cluster f*


So Some friends on my team have defeated characters but The HP won’t let them die.One said this happened vs Blue Command Siddiq Legendary.

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