Love the new website but


are we going to bring over all the hot topics the core community players want addressed?

There are SOOOOO may to even start listing here.


we start from scratch


I don’t like the navigation of the new forums. I hated on the old forums that you had to scroll to the top just to get back to the forum listings, but here you don’t even have that option (that I see) without hitting the back button.

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Noooooo… you were supposed to be the new rib cage…

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Good thing too!


@anon76032564, clicking the logo takes you to the main listings… but if I wanted to stay on general chat for example I would then have to click on all categories and then general again.


You find the logo at the top and next to it a link to the very same thread you’re reading (that works like a refresh) and below it there is the category (General or whatever). That’s where you want to click on.


Bring them over!

Also – I will be updating the Hot Topics thread here >> TWD: RTS | Hot Topics | Updated 11/27

Please PM me if there are topics we need to add! I made it in a jiffy!

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@Pumzia. Thanks. The new layout it was hard to see as well. I changed mine to the white background. I actually like that was of refreshing back to the forum you are on. It drove me crazy on the old forums you had to scroll up to the top of the page to click on the link back.


@Pumzia. Notice that it only works if you have to scroll down though? So if you don’t scroll down then you have to use the back, or the scopely logo then select general.


layout sucks…wth.

where is the dislike button???


Yes, you have to scroll down just a bit. If the topic isn’t long enough you won’t get the links at the top.

Maybe @kalishane can do something about it. Your tech crew I mean.

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I believe that’s a Discourse thing. :,(
But maybe I can get my web programmer friend to help


We all know you’re his bitch.! “Want to be taken seriously” XD