Love the Horde!

I don’t know why I like it better than a lot of ppl posting on here. I’m beating 90% of the teams out there (most are easy D to be honest), and having fun doing it. It takes a bit of strategy to beat the S Class teams. Sometimes it works, others it doesnt.

Its a TON better than the Michonne collection event. I’m so glad that monotonous time sucker is over. Collection events are the worst.

Collecting one thing, to turn into another thing to open a roadmap for another collection item in the musuem to turn into tokens for a pull on a wheel to get lamps to rub for genies to come out and grant 3 wishes…


So you are OK with the rewards?
The 2 burt and 4 cake I pulled immediately turned me off.
Even the rank rewards leave much to be desired.

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When people feel need to bait and lie


Seems the only people that are liking it are in Platinum leagues

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Am in plat 4 trying move up to 5 for promote its mostly 3 s class and 2 random 6s

Nothing better then grinding hard for 20 cakes and 2 burts give this man a trophy

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In Diamond it’s mostly full S class teams. Walkers don’t even tickle Pete


I hated the rewards but do like hordes it has good things about it that are completely lacking in the rest of the game.


No it doesn’t. You have a 3+ Sclass team, especially ones including Pete and Kapoor, and it is an impossibility. The walkers literally can’t hit hard enough to take them down before they proc, and you only have a certain amount of confuse cards available.

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Guess who WON? spoiler alert: after 7 minutes, the zombies called it quits.


plat 3, half dont have defence up lol

Yeah that’s that bullshit! Happened to me a few times.

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Is No platinum 1-5 this week is a mix before seeding
Kapoor Is impossible to beat with these weak zombies
And that you dont get all zombies from start make it harder then steel to make team and think stratetigy

Mmm love me my burts

Same just wish there were more milestones as I completed them in the first few hours

I reached the 3rd milestone on some easy defenses and then quit… I won’t bother anymore.
What’s the point?! I actually fought a team with 2 Ambers and 2 Elles… Amber decimated most my horde and when left with Elle, bide took out the rest… Basically me, killing my own horde. And when you get to S-Class teams, that’s a flee right when you see it.
There’s a good part in all that… I was planning to finish 30th in my league, so I’d end up in Diamond 2… hitting the 3 milestones, plus arenas, took me to 18th… so now I have a chance to lay back, look at me drop ranks and coordinate my warring so I don’t go to Diamond 4 again… :slight_smile:

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This I don’t understand. You don’t get different toons when you get to diamond so there should be no difference between diamond and platinum.

My conclusion is that the people who don’t like it can’t work out what strategy to use and throwing money at 5 souped up toons to auto-kill won’t work to hide it.

I do agree that they could have made the prizes much, much better.

Most of the people who dont intentionally decide to drop into Platinum dont have more than 2 S toons (Kapoor & Christa/James). Most teams in Diamond have a minimum of 3 S toons, and some have full S toon teams. It has nothing to do with strategy when walkers dont cause any damage to S toons. Its impossible. I have 2 Whisperer walkers and buff them with spikes (+80% att) and yet they barely cause any damage to maxed S toons.

Let me put it this way: I’m F2P… no promos here, and after months of daily grind, I still need 250 keys for Pete. But all this daily grind helped me get Diamond 4, and even 5, at some point. When you get matched up with those money throwing players that have all S Class teams, it’s impossible to win. Whereas in Platinum you still get many normal teams, you at least have a chance at winning against.
And for me, it’s not about strategy, to be fair. Trying to get myself demoted to Platinum again would mean missing on some much needed rewards…

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What rewards?