Louis vs Tyreese

Which is the better option in the current premium roadmap? Which would you choose if you committed to buying enough spark plugs and why?


Attack > defence everytime

Disarm still valuable even with Gen 2 stats


Thanks mate

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Louis all the way. Tyreese is outdated.


I really want loius

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Louis! Hands down

Louis is the better option unless you already have a very good attack but you lack on defense and tyrese is the one you miss.

Louis no question, tyreses is kinda ass imo. Plus buying yellow defense toons in this meta is a fukn death sentence to Alice teams.


Louis but enjoy spending for him. Can we get a ■■■■■■■ real event for once and not spend for old ass usefulish toons

If u don’t have a disarm then for the love of God take Louis!!!

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not even a real question, disarm

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The offers for the first 70 (or 80 if you didn’t spend the free 10) spark plugs are good value. But the other 50 you’d need are horrendous value if you buy from the crates.

What do people think about more offers? I’d pay for Louis at the rate of the current cash offers…

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Can you buy enough and if so how much ty

I have my 10 free from last event

There is a £4.79 for 10 and 2x£7.49 for 30 offers in my store. That gets me 80 for less than £20.

However, to get the other 50, I need 5 x 950 coins which essentially means a 4,000 coin pack at £41ish. Admittedly, there is a 5% chance that one of these might contain an extra set of spark plugs, but that won’t happen

Ty got loads of coins could be a go ty

Tyreese will take another 40 Spark plugs so at least another 4 x 950 coins

Ah yes the crates forgot about them awesome

next question are the maps as hard as road rage?


Yellow ty sucks (IN MY OPINION) Gimme Louis