Louis vs Eric, 1v1 raid

Who would win in a 1v1 raid situation, Louis with a stun gun or Eric?

Depends on weapon Proc. Eric have impair? what about mods? Eric has trait advantage but doesn’t deal damage like Louis on AR

No mods, weapon can be whatever.

Than it comes down to how often the weapon stuns eric

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Impair gun would be pretty useless would it not… unless your talking about impair on attack

No? Because I Eric impairs Louis then Louis wont be using his AR as often meaning far less damage being dealt

He’s a disarm tho

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Impair on attack is just as useless. He has disarm.

Impair on attack works against disarm, just the same as stun on attack works on them

I’d take Louis in the majority of the battles


No it doesn’t. Louis attacks first and disarms Eric. His impair no longer works.

When Louis attacks eric, and disarm procs, all conditional weapon effect are negated. Including impair on attack.
Id take louis

Correct, if disarm produces

What about double attack? twice the chance of getting stunned but if Eric Crits twice Louis should be close to dead if not dead depends what else is on the weapon

If eric gets the attack in before he is disarmed, that would work. But disarm negates double attack as well.

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it really depends on what else is on the stun gun. Cause I don’t see many stun guns with crit on them

F U C K ME, lol. I skipped right over that


In all likelihood the battle will time out.
Eric has leader skill. So lots of hp and def. Plus healing rush. Louis has bonus hp on rush and healing active. I don’t think either could damage the other enough for a win.

This is why I say it comes down to how often Eric is stunned

Ive got one stun gun with crit. For hershel.