Louis offer (got it twice)

How can I be charged by Google if I used the Amazon store ?
Anyway I’m waiting Amazon’s answer

You used the store both times? Yea it’s happened to me in the past where I got double charged. They refunded me though.

Well, got another Louis… Tf is wrong with this game


Oh boy. Your gonna have to call amazon. They don’t give out free stuff. You might have gotten triple charged. Yikes. If you explain it to them over the phone, they will probably credit your account back. Most likely in amazon coins since they don’t like to credit back money.

Check ur bank account

They credited me back for the second Louis but I’m waiting for the third now… What a mess

It’s a great discount but it’s very buggy. At least they are accommodating.

Get I’n 3 stun guns and 3 awesome Louis’s haha

So basically I received 4 Louis.

Does anyone have a screenshot of the offer showing that this offer can be bought only once ? Thank you kindly

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Holy hell. What a disaster. Good luck.

Thank you !

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Wait is dude being charged 4X?

Please update us and let us know how many louis’ you end up with


Got a full refund from Amazon and kept all the Louis and stun guns (still 4 atm but I’m sure I could have get more of them)


I’d close this post now while your ahead

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Louis has a crush on you

I only got one Louis @JB.Scopely where’s my extra Louis’s?


oh no now scopely will do a roll accounts again xD

Damn I just opened my game and another Louis popped out. Another loading screen and he just disappeared. My account is haunted.