Louis offer (got it twice)

Hello guys,

I have a trouble related to Louis offer : yesterday I tried to buy him (through Amazon system, not Google) but it didn’t work. I thought it was related to a network issue or something so I tried twice. Few hours later, I successfully received Louis.

Soooooo now I woke up and got another Louis… Wasn’t it supposed to be a unique offer ? How is that possible ? I already contacted Amazon to fix the issue and to not be charged multiple times.

Thanks for the support. If someone from Scopely’s staff is here, I’d like an answer please.

U got 2 louis?

Look at the background screen, it is different

You purchased 2 or you purchased one ang got two :thinking:

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I tried to purchase this offer but got an error screen. So I tried again. Same thing.
So I bought the 1 buck offer for coin and this time, no problem.
Wtf ?

So you got them for free

If it didn’t charge u twice consider yourself lucky, delete this post and we will all forget this ever happened.


Since I just had enough money on my account for one Louis, I don’t think I can be charged twice. But I don’t want to be looked as a cheater and lose my account.

I honestly don’t need more than one Louis ^^

PS : this is too early to say if they charged me just once or not

Not a cheater bro they fuked up this is a win.

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How is that cheating if there is a gate it’s not your mistake it’s scopes you were minding your own business and bam you got 2 accidentally

It like calling Wendy gate or victor gate cheating


I’m playing this game for more than 2 years and I will NEVER trust Scopely. If they messed up here, they still can blame me for it.


Doubt it bud sometimes they can’t reverse some bugs that has caused some one to get a advantage in the game but I see your perspective if I got 2louis and stuns I would keep to my self and be like damn hope I didn’t get charged twice

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Too late now but I’m not the kind of people who would just wait and see what happens :confused:
If I wasn’t so poor now, I would have waited.

Like I was saying bro they can’t ban you for there mistake they can take away your stuff maybe but can’t ban you for a mistake that you can’t fix yourself You get what I’m trynna say?

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Yeah sure, I’m just worried by the situation. This is awkward.

Yeah I’m sure some people get worried if that happened to them like the trainer bug a few months back I’m sure some people were worried lol I sure would be

Best thing to do is pretend this never happened :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve noticed with some purchases lately that they go into “pending”. I reloaded iTunes not too long back and found my balance was lower than it should have been. Some investigation showed there had been a 9.99 offer I had pending (and had received the materials for). Might be the case here.

Sorry. I think you will get charged twice. One through Amazon and another through google. The amazon App Store is tricky. Sometimes it goes into pending and you have to wait up to 24 hours. I hope I’m wrong though. Amazon should be able to issue you a refund though.

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