Lots of loading freeze and saving bugs recently


This week, I had to do SR multiple times because my progression wasn’t saved and I had to kill the app because of a loading freeze. I also lost some raid like that… It all started this week so I don’t know what you did but please change it back. I don’t have any problem with SR and I love it but it takes time so it’s a pain to do it not knowing if it’s all for nothing.


Been happening to me as well. Contacted support and they gave me the same generic answer. Frustrating


I just had 3 game crashes in an hour. It seemed to start after I pulled shield Lee and he completed a collection in the museum. I claimed the collection.

Every time the game reset there was the completed notification (green check mark) above the museum, although when I checked it, the collection itself was still in the Finished page like it should’ve been. I got a Benedict as a reward and he stayed in my roster and did not reset either.

So no rewards issues or lost data, but there is a visual glitch with the museum. I wonder if this might relate to my recent game crashes.

The game reset twice in territories. The first after I finished an attack. It didn’t load the stamina damage display screen. The game registered my attack, but i didn’t get a chance to add a defence team.

The third time I rest was in SR.

I hope this helps, @Dash


Hey @mountkay can you PM me your account code so we can look into this? Cheers.


This happens alot with me and other faction mates aswell.

For me there are several things that seems to either cause a restart of the game or a screen freeze.

1 is when you attack in territories, you apply a def and then try to attack the same territory. Causes a restart at maybe 50-70 % of the time.

2 is at offer pop ups, atleast when you have several at the same time combined with a change of roadmap tournament start/ending/rewards. Causes a restart.

3 is when you open the right after the screen has gone dark. But the phone hasnt put the app in sleepmode yet. This causes alot of times a screenfreeze where i have to reset the game once or twice to get it to work again.

Samsung 8, running the latest patch 8. Started after the new patch


Still having it often since I posted. I lost 2 level of SR this morning. For me, it seems to happen when my phone loses data signal. When it comes back, mobile internet works fine but the app is unable to get connection back and I’m forced to kill it.