Lost the will to war. 😪

After over 25 wars (that I have been in) this CRW I’ve lost the will to war. Currently my faction is 37th and in the wars I’ve been in almost half have been verse the top 5 factions. We even had a back to back verse the #1 faction followed by 3, 5 then 2. Quick wars to say the least. We are also the highest ranked faction from our region in the war. Match making has sucked the life from 1 of the most enjoyable events for me a many of my faction mates. Just had to vent my frustrations no need to tell me to " get gud" or change factions. Just wish the regions would be better matched that’s all. The best wars are the ones that go back and forth, you’ll win some and lose some.


Same over here i just deleted the game


I lost mine cause I.m not fcking dropping any cans

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