Lost Survival Road reward

Soo the unlucky mode continues, I logged in, took the rewards of the Survival Road faction event, the game rebooted and I lost the rewards. What can I do about this now?

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This happened to me just the other day after war. I had to leave my fac then uninstall and reinstall the game, and they arrived a couple hours later.

Prior to that id tried clearing my cache, uninstall/ reinstall, rebooting my device etc.


I’ll try these things then and I hope sth will work. Thanks a lot <3

If you haven’t yet, contact support. The same thing happened to my milestone rewards for a level-up a couple weeks ago. I opened the rewards, game reset, didn’t have the rewards. They’re not the most responsive group, but after seeing some of the junk people send to them I understand having to sort through the garbage to find legitimate issues.

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